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February 16, 2018
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The hospital cafeteria is no longer just a place to eat. Many people now spend several hours at a time working on their laptops, using WI-FI to keep up with work and personal business while they wait to visit loved ones. Hospital cafeteria seating should be sufficiently comfortable for these people to remain seated for several hours without feeling discomfort or pain. There should also be enough space between chairs so that persons in wheelchairs can pull up to the tables and eat with their loved ones. Space utilization can be maximized by using a variety of table and chair types, such as the ones shown in the picture above.

Since the cafeteria is visited by people of all types, it is important to choose hospital cafeteria seating that will comfortably support persons of all body types. Features such as 2″ seats with waterfall edges allow people to sit for long periods of time without experiencing leg cramps. Varying back heights are also available so that persons of all heights and ages can recline in their seats without discomfort. Styles range from highly traditional designs to ultra contemporary ones. A variety of table styles allow facility managers to construct dining areas that make the most of existing floor space without compromising the basics of arm, leg, and back support.

Because so many persons visit the dining area, infection control must be a high priority. Staff must be able to quickly wipe down all surfaces after groups of sick people have been sitting at tables in chairs all day. Ideally, they should also be able to quickly clean furniture during those times when only a handful of people are in the room. Cubiture dining room chairs are perfect for this level of hygiene because they feature removable seats, armrests, and back cushions that allow cleaning crews to thoroughly wash down all surface areas, frames, cushion sides, and under surfaces in a matter of seconds.

Hospital Cafeteria Seating
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