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April 1, 2019

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Portable office cubicles from Cubiture are the perfect example of how flexible your office furniture can be to help you get the job done. You can enjoy a low-cost and no-hassle way to create the most comfortable and productive spaces for you and your staff. Their level of configurability makes it easy to scale each workstation not just to the needs of employees but also to the scale of your office space or building.

Whether you’re moving office spaces or renovating an existing one, consider portable office cubicles which need no specialized tools or personnel in order for you to build out in just minutes. Even when multiplied many times over in one office, Cubiture’s portable office cubicles can be assembled with very little invasiveness, allowing you to run your daily business operations with minimal interruption.

It’s well-known these days that offices lacking in any type of partitioning are highly distracting. Positive interaction doesn’t come without a considerable amount of distraction. Portable office cubicles basically offer both visual and acoustical privacy, to their users in order to intercept the constant barrage of environmental stimuli that can quickly result in a lack of focus and an increase in stress. The walls help to reinforce the positives of the company’s workflow while delivering an elegant partitioning system for personal comfort.

The panels and posts that come with Cubiture’s portable office cubicles comprise a highly configurable system of various choices in dimension. They can be mixed and matched to your specific desires to bring you optimal adaptability and personal creativity. Once you select your preferred colors and sizes, you can then select how many panels and posts you’ll need.  We also have movable glass dividers that allow natural light in.

No special tools or professionals have to come into the picture here. You assemble your portable office cubicles by simply sliding the panels into their corresponding posts according to the arrangement that best suits you. The extruded anodized aluminum posts help to imbue a modern, clean look. These posts, which are available in two heights–4’ or 6’—accept a panel along each of their four sides, so that you can to expand your portable office cubicle configuration into multiple directions.

Our portable office cubicle system is lightweight yet durable at the same time, comprised of 2” thick, stylish acoustical fabric panels that provide optimal sound-dampening qualities. All panels range in various dimensions—heights of 4’ and 6’, and widths of 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’—allowing for more control over the size of individual work areas. With more than 20 appealing fabric color options, ranging from bold to neutral, there’s bound to be a hue to coordinate with your personal tastes or the color palette used in your office.

These portable office cubicle panels also expand their role as display areas for various purposes, thanks to their acceptance of push-pins. Barriers can now double as an office-wide bulletin board or presentation space, as well as a workstation wall for personal reminders of family and work-related obligations. If you choose walls that are 6’ high, you get have the option of embedding a light-emitting polycarbonate or glass window in the top of your panels to brighten your more enclosed workspace.

Due to the high degree of customizability, portable office cubicles can be used in an infinite number of ways. Companies of any sizes or in any industry, so many ideas for their use are possible. Across any office setting, this portable office cubicle system can respond quickly to growth as it occurs in your company. If no change in floor area is expected, a growing company will mean making more efficient use of the office space you have, including clustering desks into multi-person work zones.

Try setting up small, four-desk clusters of employees throughout your office as well. Simply slide four panels into a central post for a cruciform arrangement that accommodates one workstation within each quadrant. You can adjust any of the portable office cubicle panels as you need, in height or width, to accommodate those who need more or less privacy, even more or less work area. This can also be used as a way to encourage positive and professional collaboration between employees and team members.

You can even break from the traditional use of the portable office cubicle with our posts and panels. Take advantage of the fact that not every post requires you to turn a corner. They can punctuate running perimeter walls of panels as you create larger enclosed zones to accommodate entire departments of multiple workers. This allows you to go beyond the individual portable office cubicle. In the absence of sheet-rocked walls, this type of arrangement can also give executive staff a level of distinction from the rest of the office as a large private office.

For extra privacy, opt for the tallest available panels. Many other office spaces could use a good deal of privacy via the acoustical fabric, as individual workstations do, all while maintaining the unity of material aesthetic and design. Consider their use to create spaces of various size dedicated to all types of meetings such as business conferences, team project meetings, client meetings, and job interviews.

While we’ve said that portable office cubicles offer a toolless way to build out your workstations, there is one particular way for you to use these partitions that does require the extra stability and safety of mounting hardware, and that’s with wall-mounting your partition as a single divider. Fortunately, just a bare minimum of tools is used and you can still skip the need for any specially-trained professionals.

This type of panel configuration is characterized by single dividers that jut out wing-like from a vertical supporting surface. While any one user can experience less privacy than those using our more traditional portable office cubicles, this variant is perfect for when you need to activate your office walls for the sake of space efficiency. The wall mount bracket used for these partitions is a two-piece system that works with any height option of portable office cubicle panel you specify. Affix the panel to the wall simply by sliding it into the bracket and stabilize the other end with one of the posts.

With wall-mounted portable office cubicle panels, you can make highly efficient use of floor space when the growth of personnel is expected with little growth of square footage. In the case of call centers, which often experience a high density of employees, callers continuously engage potential clients in a distracting sea of voices and unwanted sound. Our portable office cubicle partitions, which have an NRC rating of 0.65 offer excellent noise control in these situations.

Since these wall-mounted partitions act as side dividers between employees, you can easily control and increase the number of workstations needed simply by decreasing the width between two mounting brackets. Any office in which professionals conduct multiple in-person client consultations on a daily basis can benefit from portable office cubicles that use wall-mounted brackets.

Insurance companies and tax stations can see many clients in a single day. Whether it’s a temporary, seasonal setup or a more permanent arrangement, tax stations give exclusive one-on-one private space to such clients. Insurance companies often do too, making them a good candidate for private yet welcoming office spaces.

It doesn’t matter what your company does, the nature of your office space, or even what industry you’re in. Cubiture’s portable office cubicles provide you a workstation system that will doubtlessly to satisfy all of your unique office partitioning needs in a way that’s no-fuss and low-cost.

Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine just which portable office cubicle solution works best for you. We guarantee free shipping with every order you place. Don’t hesitate to call Cubiture today at (713) 412-0900!

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