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Modular Office Furniture Cubicles
March 20, 2018
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Modular office furniture cubicles are the perfect choice for Houston startups.  They offer a greater range of configuration options.  You can use modern office cubicles to create completely private offices and conference rooms, or you can customize them to create open concept team areas that encourage collaboration among professionals.  The modular design of these workstations is built with utility foremost in mind.  They can easily be reconfigured as a company grows, allowing each production areas to mirror the task completion of the employees it supports.

Unlike more traditional forms of office furniture, modular office furniture cubicles avoid putting looks above performance.  While the clean lines and sharp angles of contemporary styles are appealing to many younger professionals, these workstations were not engineered to be beautiful in the traditional sense of the term.  Their clean lines and sharp angles are intended to convey a sense of action, forward motion, and progress toward an outcome.  This creates a definitively “futuristic” look within an office which works very well for a startup company that needs to instill confidence in its employees, clients, and investors.

Yet this look of great things to come, so to speak, is only a result of the design, not the purpose of the design.  Modular office furniture cubicles are designed to get a job done–not just look like things are getting done.  Entrepreneurs work up to 80 hours per week when beginning a new venture.  They eat, work, and sometimes spend the night in their new offices as they tirelessly labor to get their concept off the ground.  Comfort is not an option for corporate founders because no one is paying them a salary, providing them with benefits, or reimbursing their expenditures.  Psychologically, a utilitarian office layout helps them maintain the necessary focus much better than a posh, comfortable setting would afford.

As we can see from the picture above, modular office furniture cubicles can divide even a small office suite into separate production areas.  The open concept area functions as a collaborative area commonly used in various creative industries who focus on design or copywriting.  The offices to the back are built with glass partitions that create a quiet work area whose transparency maintains the “open door accessibility” that many young companies prefer for their corporate culture.  The adjoining conference room can be used for meetings, or it can be used by an employee who needs to work for a period of time in a completely quiet area.

Cubiture builds modular office furniture cubicles with scalable, manageable growth in mind.  Our configurations are based on a space plan we develop at no charge to our customers.  We design workflow areas based on your most essential and profitable task completion needs.  Then, we build your workstations to support these tasks in our own factory, and we deliver them and install them for free.  Call Cubiture now to get started.

Modular Office Furniture Cubicles
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