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September 17, 2018
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It is not always necessary to buy all new office furniture for your office relo. After all, it technically would not be “moving” if you replaced every single item in the office. Instead, selective replacements allow you to save a small fortune while still upgrading your existing workflow layout. It is important to know what to look for when evaluating the continued viability of a workstation. Functional problems need to be eliminated before you move into your new space. Anything that glaringly detracts from the aesthetic should probably be replaced—or at the very least repaired—so that your new location has the look of a fresh start when you reopen for business.

Begin by examining your cubicle desks. The most notorious malfunction that develops in modular desking systems is an uneven working surface. One section sinks just a bit so that its edge is lower than that of the existing adjacent section. This part of the desk becomes unusable for any type of writing, and it also creates a constant annoyance if it happens to be the same area where the employee rests his or her arm. Sometimes this malfunction can be remedied by replacing the feet on the legs that support the desk section. However, if this simple repair does not do the trick, you should have the workstation replaced. Almost every name brand manufacturer has at least one line of new office furniture cubicles in which you can find a suitable replacement.

Another thing to look for is any desking system that consistently accumulates clutter. Stacks of paper going every which of way, and various random items littered along the back of the desk, indicate that the system lacks sufficient filing and storage systems. Despite the big push to create a completely paperless office, most companies still rely heavily on hardcopy printouts that have to organized and stored somewhere in the office. The top of the desk is NOT a place to store contracts, sales quotes, employee performance reviews, or any other printed material, for that matter. In some industries such as healthcare, leaving documents in plain sight may constitute a major compliance violation and result in heavy fines.

Replace any desk that tends to attract clutter. New office furniture manufacturers have many new lines of desks that not only feature unique, highly efficient storage systems but are also built with certain types of industries in mind. Most also offer highly specialized reception centers made for healthcare, banking, technology, legal, and accounting firms. It is very important for your front desk area to look clean and organized at all times—especially in a new location where a first impression matters even more than it normally does.

Finally, take a survey of your entire staff and ask them to rate the comfort of your office chairs on a scale of 1-5. Any office chair that scores lower than a 4 needs to go. Employees who are not comfortable find it more difficult to maintain a confident, positive work ethic and tend to take too many breaks that disrupt consistent, productive workflow. Over time, discomfort can compound into very real and serious health problems. Conditions such as metacarpal tunnel syndrome and chronic backaches tie directly back to poorly designed office chairs. Cubiture can get rid of these chairs and replace them with ergonomic seating solutions whose low cost can rival the sales at any “big box store.”

Call Cubiture now for a courtesy walkthrough of your new facility. Email us a copy of your new office floor plan and any pictures of new office furniture that catch your eye. Our space planner can create a new workflow solution at no cost or obligation to your company. We can also help you find the very best prices, and we can even custom build new office furniture and cubicles in our own factory. Cubiture owns its own fleet of trucks, so when move day comes, we can move what you decide to keep and install your new office furniture at no additional cost.

New Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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