Turn-key Office Moves for Companies Needing to Downsize

Turn-key Office Moves for Companies Needing to Downsize
January 13, 2021

With businesses facing major changes in 2021, many are opting to downsize to smaller offices. Moving offers a fresh start for companies who had to regrettably furlough employees last year. A large space that used to be full of people can feel very depressing (or even intimidating) to those left behind – not to mention the budget friendly impact of moving into a smaller footprint. Regrouping in a smaller space can make the team feel like they have come together in a better place with a promising new year ahead of them. Cubiture is helping businesses do just that with free office space design and planning that reinforces COVID-19 safety while streamlining the entire relocation process.

Space Planning
The office move begins with office space planning. Cubiture designers collaborate with your management team to develop a detailed office layout drawing of the new workspace. This drawing serves two vital functions: First, it provides a template for the installation team to follow when they set up workstations in the new office; Second, it helps customers clearly see exactly what they need to liquidate prior to relocation. Liquidation is the inevitable result of downsizing and working form a schematic helps companies to eliminate the things they no longer need.

Also, space planning is an absolute must for COVID safety protocols. Social distancing remains the most important of these precautions. Health officials continue to remind us that a minimum of 6 feet of space is necessary even for persons wearing masks. An office layout design that is drawn to scale will ensure that workstations are at least 6 feet apart. If, for any reason, this is not possible in a certain area, our team can install portable partition walls that separate workers seated near one another.

Office Furniture Buy Back
When possible, Cubiture will buy back cubicles, desks, chairs, and tables that no longer fit an organization’s needs. We often encounter an organization who needs items that another organization just happens to be liquidating. This enables us to discount the cost of furniture replacement while helping to “upcycle” the used product responsibly.

Office Furniture Liquidation
Workstations that cannot be liquidated are dismantled so that any recyclable materials will not be wasted. Companies who are concerned about their environmental impact should work with Cubiture when they want to dispose of office furniture they no longer need. Materials that cannot be reused will be properly disposed of according to government regulations. Because Cubiture stands committed to supporting employee health and wellness, we strive to keep the environment outside of the office as healthy as it is within the office.

Office Furniture Selection
Given a choice, many of our customers would prefer to replace everything when they relocate. However, many fear that turn-key replacements cost too much. The good news is that Cubiture can make replacements affordable for any company. We specialize in restoring used office furniture systems to near factory conditions. “New,” in this instance, doesn’t have to mean brand new. Our factory is fully capable of making pre-owned furniture look and work like new, and that is really all that matters for a company looking to make a fresh start in 2021.

Free Delivery and Installation
Cubiture does not charge for delivery or installation because we have our own fleet of office moving trucks. Once we have finalized an office layout, and once the customer has decided what to keep and what to liquidate, we simply dispatch our team to bring in the new and remove the old. We will have the new office ready when the organization is ready to start its first day. Both our products and our labor are warrantied for quality assurance, and we are only a phone call away when repair, replacement or reconfiguration is needed. Call us now to get started.

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