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May 21, 2018

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Many people do not have the time to custom design new office cubicles. They simply want to fill their call center, sales floor, or design space with refurbished office cubicles that can be readily obtained and quickly installed for an affordable price. Cubiture is in a unique position to accommodate these businesses because our factory dual functions a refurbishing center where hundreds of used workstations are reconditioned and shipped out to new customers every month. Since we have our own trucks, we can ship and install these cubicles at no additional cost to our customers–passing on savings related to labor as well as savings tied to lower material costs.

Refurbished office cubicles offer you a number of advantages over new workstations. If your business operates at a high sales volume with not so high-profit margins, consider the following benefits to going refurbished if and when you add new employees to your team.

Lower Costs
Because refurbished office cubicles have already been assembled, fewer materials are needed to recondition the surface areas. Scratches on laminates can be quickly sanded down, panel fabrics can be replaced in seconds, and new wood veneer can be applied in a matter of hours. With so many different options in each of these material types, we can recondition your cubicles with low-cost components and also pass on savings in terms of labor.

Already Sized
Part of designing a new workstation involves determining just how large it will be. This requires space planning and at least one meeting to agree upon the size of the cubicles needed to accommodate new staff entering the office. Refurbished office cubicles can save time on this step because they have already been constructed. While Cubiture will still do a free space plan drawing for your office, we can quickly populate that plan with refurbished systems whose dimensions fit your space and match your workflow requirements.

Just as Many Options
Never think that refurbished office cubicles offer you less freedom of choice than new equivalents. With hundreds of choices in fabrics, veneer, laminates, and glass, we can reconstitute any cubicle system with materials that make it look brand new. We have systems in our warehouse right now waiting to be reconstituted according to customer preference and need. Call now to learn what is available and receive a free space plan layout drawing as a courtesy of

Refurbished Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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