New or Used Office Cubicles – Which Option is Best for Your Office?

used office furniture
March 3, 2022

Are you looking for new office furniture or even discounted cubicles online, but aren’t sure if new or used is the better option?  Check out our guide below as a way to decide whether or not you should invest in new cubicles or used ones. Your office furniture design will thank you for it either way! It can be difficult to choose from all of the options available when shopping for office furniture online, but this breakdown can help you navigate the best purchase path for your office needs. Cubiture is here to get your office ready!  

New Office Cubicles  

Brand new cubicles can give your office a complete makeover, especially if you’re aiming to update your space.  New modular office furniture cubicles can be designed to meet or upscale new shapes, sizes, floorplans, space usage, and more. With modular office designs you can create new layouts, reduce, or increase the number of office spaces, or make space for change within the building. Also, brand new cubicles can also be designed to fulfill modern day requirements such as shared workspaces, increased privacy, or improved communication and collaboration access with coworkers. New cubicles can also accommodate the latest technological requirements or support multiple working methods.  Retrofitting offices to update technological access can actually be more expensive than adding it in as an afterthought, so take that into consideration as you plan new purchases and office furniture design.  

Used Office Cubicles  

Here is a secret: new offices do not actually have to be new.  If your target is discount cubicles or used office furniture online, then used cubicles may be the optimal solution for you!  Used cubicles can help you do more than less in providing an office set-up foundation at a lower cost. Plus, used and discounted office furniture is more likely to be budget friendly. Depending on how many workspaces you need to purchase, used office cubicles can also be set up as modular office furniture cubicles 

Which Option is Best for Your Business?  

The first step is to create a budget, which will help you decide whether to buy new or used cubicles. How much are you willing to spend on cubicles overall, and how does that budget change for buying something new versus discount cubicles? Is your budget flexible or pretty set? Once you have the cubicles you like picked out, how much will it cost to furnish and outfit them? Do you already have furniture or equipment on hand, or do you have to spend more money on office furniture? Time is just as much of an investment as spending money is, so don’t let hours go to waste browsing endless searches of office furniture online shopping. Ensure you are considering all aspects and needs before making purchase decisions.  

Next, you should decide what will best serve your business growth needs. If people are working in a mix of hybrid, onsite, and remote modalities, how much of an investment in new spaces will be worth the reward? Are there any other benefits you may offer in a used cubicle space, such as access to technology?  How long do you intend to have and use these cubicles? If you're searching for a long-term solution, buying new will certainly give you a more bang for your money. However, if you’re looking for a shorter-term or even temporary solution, discount cubicles could provide the value you need over time. Don’t let it all consume you. By reading this you are already doing your research, just like you would for other large-scale purchases.  Your office space will thank you for your work and efforts to embark on an office makeover project.  

If you are a small business, investing in office furniture could also lend you a tax break or deduction. So, it’s a good idea to look into your state’s guidance before buying. Also, investing in new office furniture and cubicles is a guaranteed way to retain employees by physically displaying that you care about their health and well-being, as well as their performance and productivity at work.  

What Other Options Exist?  

Office furniture online has many options, but did you know that you can rent furniture instead of buying it, too? Innovation is the theme of the year! So, why settle for used or new furniture when you can rent office cubicles and furniture month to month. Rental office furniture allows you to experiment with multiple choices and continuously swap pieces out for the ideal, refreshed look what you want. It is important to remember that cubicle spaces need desks, seating, storage, walls, and much more. So, it might be ideal to combine rental furniture and new cubicles, which could be a way to reduce or maximize costs.  

Refurbishing furniture is another option you have where you can take your existing furniture and, with some TLC, upgrade it for longer-term use and modernity. The best part about refurbished and rental furniture options is that you may be able to expand your budget on new cubicles and then save on the furniture needed to outfit them! Who says office upgrades can’t be eco and budget friendly? 

Decision Making Time  

You have endless options, but first decide your short-term and long-term needs as well as your budget. Next, determine if you need just cubicle offices or furniture, too. It’s also a good idea to see whether any of the items you already own may be recycled, repurposed, or refurbished. So, whatever you decide, Cubiture offers the ultimate guidance, and we take care of everything! We stay on top of all your office needs with a variety of services and options, and we’ll even come set it up and install everything for you.  

Cubiture Can Meet All Your Requirements  

Whether you decide on used, refurbished, rental, or brand new, Cubiture can custom tailor an office furniture design package just for you and your budget. Book your free consultation today and we will set you up for success. We take into consideration all of your preferences in order to ensure that you and your team have a great workspace.  Why spend time vetting resources and prices, when we can do the work for you! As a Cubiture guarantee, too, everything will be tailored for efficiency, productivity, and practicality. Where vast cubicle options may be the problem, Cubiture is the one and only solution for your office furniture online needs. Contact us today.

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