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Types Of Office Cubicles For Sale Manufacturer Direct
May 21, 2018
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As many of you already know, Cubiture.com is a factory-direct, custom cubicle manufacturer that offers competitive pricing on workstations that are built to individual specifications. Because we do not use resellers to market our products, and because we own our own fleet of trucks, we can build workstations for a fraction of the cost that most office furniture stores can offer. With all this variety, it is difficult to lump all workstations into simple categories because there is so much we can do to personalize each system. However, if we want to create some general groupings into which most workstations can fall, we could classify them loosely as call center cubicles, professional cubicles, or private office cubicles.

Call Center Cubicles
One of the more popular types of office cubicles we manufacture are those made for inbound customer support or outbound phone calls. Some companies refer to these workstations as “telemarketing cubicles,” but this is not completely accurate, because not every call center uses telemarketing. Many call centers have shifted away from autodialing and focus now on a blend of inbound calling, selective outbound calling, and online support. Cubiture has many cubicle types that can accommodate the more robust, complex, and demanding workflow that has evolved to support increasing demands for a more personal, labor-intensive, and focused customer experience.

Professional Cubicles
Perhaps the most common types of office cubicles are those that could be loosely categorized as professional cubicles. These workstations are designed to support specific task completion requirements for executives, engineers, attorneys, paralegals, accountants, and sales managers. Most of our systems are built specific to the needs of each user. We have thousands of material options from which professionals and executives can choose to have their workstations built. We also offer free office space planning, so each system we build can integrally compliment surrounding workflow customers for a smoother, more organized process flow.

Private Office Cubicles
Private offices take the place of drywall construction. While complex in appearance, they are actually amazingly simple to build. All they really consist of are basic floor-mounted partitions with a higher vertical impact than those used to build other types of office cubicles. Most reach all the way to the ceiling, but some may only rise 6-8 feet above the floor. Glass inserts can be placed in these panels to create “office windows,” so the enclosure feels less confining even though it is completely sealed off from the surrounding environment.

Cubiture warranties all types of office cubicles for parts and labor. We own our own trucks, so we can deliver and install your cubicles at no additional charge. Call now to schedule a free office space plan design.

Office Cubicles For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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