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July 19, 2019

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Few office furniture suppliers approach the expertise that Cubiture consistently exhibits in modular desk system design.
Our understanding of such things as square footage utilization and space planning allows us to create unique, fully functioning workstations in rooms of any size. Thanks to our vast network of office furniture manufacturers, and our even more diverse supply chain that supports our own fabrication facility, we can combine basic elements such as work tables, L-shaped desks, ergonomic chairs, and custom storage units into production areas that can support everything from the individual executive to an entire production department.

The above video gives you only a sampling of the things Cubiture can do at a price that will easily fit your budget. Consider some of the more notable aspects of our process before you look at any other office furniture supplier.

Cubiture assembles workstations with skillfully positioned work tables or L-shaped work surfaces.
With many office furniture suppliers, you must choose either between traditional office furniture pieces or a standard cubicle of some kind. This can be arbitrary and limiting, because most people prefer a blend of both when you think about it. Everyone likes the way that cubicles consolidate everything in the work area to within arm’s reach of the seated user. However, many people do not like high partitions—or any partitions at all, for that matter—because they prefer a more open environment.

As you can see, our space planners can blend the best of these two worlds simply by combining basic elements into a compact, accessible configuration that puts everything at the user’s fingertips but avoids making the user feel confined. In many such configurations, the worktable replaces the standard desk so that it can be moved or combined with other furnishings to support conferencing or collaboration when necessary.

Desking systems that contain hidden wire channels and outlets.
While almost all office furniture suppliers offer you powered workstation options, not all of them go to the lengths that we take to conceal sophisticated wiring and uniquely positioned outlets. With our modular desking systems, you really must look hard to find the electrical infrastructure within the workstation. This is not to say that these things are completely invisible to the point that the cannot be seen at all. What matters is that the visible ports and outlets on these workstations so effectively blend with their surroundings that they never stand out in a glaring way that distracts the eye or breaks the visual continuity of office interior design.

Cubiture offers you a full spectrum of aesthetic and functional options.
A lot of office furniture suppliers talk about custom storage, but are their systems truly “custom?”
Jerry is a storage and filing expert who has been building filing and storage systems for the entirety of his career. He was consolidating storage rooms before he even entered the office furniture business and founded Cubiture. You can count on any filing system or storage compartment Jerry designs being a truly customized configuration specifically designed for your individual workflow needs. You can also count on these storage and filing systems having a superior aesthetic, with options such as painted fronts or glass allowing you to add any decorative effect you prefer to your organizational area.

Optional, portable partitions can also be added to these systems if privacy or noise is a concern.
Cubiture carries a diverse inventory of desk-mounted and floor-mounted partitions that can quickly transform an open workstation into a more private, focused, and quiet environment. These partitions are not your traditional cubicle partitions that many people consider to be too large and often too confining. These mobile units can be positioned anywhere at will and can also be removed if a return to a more open, collaborative environment is needed.

While you can get many of these same individual items from virtually any office furniture supplier, very few, if any, will give you the configuration options and personalization that you can count on with Cubiture. Why not ask for a free space plan now. That way, you can see what you will be buying before you make your actual purchase, and any changes you make to your free drawing are also free until you finalize your selection and place your order. Call Jerry now to get started.

Office Furniture Suppliers – Free Layout Design – 713-412-0900


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