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Commercial Cubicles With Doors For Sale Factory Direct
April 10, 2018

DIY Cubicles With Doors For Sale Direct From The Factory - Fast FREE Shipping

One of the biggest complaints that we hear about cubicles is that they are too accessible. People do not feel they can control their environment if they cannot control who enters it. If a person is seated at a cubicle with a long desk and low panels, he or she can easily be startled by someone walking up from behind. If an employee is working in a high wall cubicle with an entrance in one corner, the person may feel like he or she is in a movie with a boss who constantly pops into the entrance and says how “great” it would be to complete some task. Cubicles with doors eliminate these distractions by providing each individual with an accessible space that is nonetheless controlled by the user and not just anyone who wants to enter the work area.

Private offices like the one shown above represent the most sophisticated type of cubicles with doors. They are constructed using floor mounted partitions that function as office walls. Many companies are using these structures now instead of drywall construction. Partitions count as inventory, so their depreciated value carries with it the advantage of a tax write off over a five year period. This allows a company to recover their front-end investment and makes it easier to set up a new office whenever the company eventually moves to a new building.

Please keep in mind that glass partitions like the ones shown here represent the high-end of private office design. Cubiture can easily bring costs down to fit any budget by using laminate or wood veneer panels with just enough glass inserts for visibility and natural lighting. Any type of door can be mounted to these workstations to complete the feeling of enclosed, controllable personal space. Common examples include standard doors, sliding doors, and double doors like the ones shown in our picture. Our space planners go over these options with our customers before finalizing the workstation design. Our goal is to make cubicles with doors as attractive as they are functional and to keep their costs within budget tolerance for companies anticipating significant future growth.

Cubiture owns its own factory and sells cubicles with doors direct to companies throughout the lower 48 states. We also own our own fleet of trucks, so we can offer free delivery and installation with every purchase. Never assume that you cannot afford such sophisticated cubicles that they no longer even look like cubicles. Without middleman costs and third party freight companies between us, we can source the best materials and develop a design that will affordably meet your requirements both in the short term and in the long term. Call us now.

Office Cubicles With Doors
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