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August 28, 2018
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Contemporary home office furniture uses geometric patterns to generate spatial relationships. Using the right combination of desks, filing systems, tables, case goods, and ergonomic seating, you can transform any area in your home into a calm, productive work area set apart from the routines of daily life. The unique designs of contemporary office furniture also tend to brighten up a work area with a feeling of optimism and forward motion into a bright future. Even if your home does not feature contemporary décor, decorating your home office in this style can help create a fun, creative atmosphere within the workspace.

To save time, avoid getting bogged down with online image searches to find specific furnishings. Instead, start by listing the various tasks you must complete to operate your business and itemize the steps you need to take to generate sales leads and negotiate transactions with customers. Once you have written down the essentials of your company’s process flow, it will become much easier to narrow down your choices. Form follows function in contemporary home office furniture, so your final choice of components will be determined by what you will be doing to run your business throughout the day.

One item you might want to strongly consider is a sit-stand desk. One of the more popular types of desks in the contemporary home office furniture market, the sit-stand desk combines compact design with ergonomic value. Study after study after study has confirmed that sitting for a period, followed by standing, does amazing things for leg, back, and shoulder muscles. Not only does this alternating posture give you exercise, but it also helps alleviate boredom and keeps you focused more on task completion. Cubiture has several sit-stand models from which you can choose, and our fabrication center can also build a custom desk that you can purchase at a factory direct discount.

If you need a static desk, make sure that you have itemized everything you do while seated at your desk. There are thousands of desk types in hundreds of contemporary home office furniture websites. However, only a handful of these will contain all the features that you will need to efficiently run your business from home. Ask yourself questions like, “How often do I need to print?” “Where should I store my printouts, and how should I organize them?” “Do I need one or more desktops, laptops, or tablets to run my business?” “Do I need a desk phone, cell phone, or both?”.

Answers to these questions will indicate what features you will need for your desking system. Because contemporary home office furniture tends to favor compact, space-saving designs, it is a good idea to include any filing and storage needs with your workflow list so that our design team can either find or build you a desk with built-in storage and filing. If you are going to be hosting meetings in your home office, consider a u-shaped or l-shaped desk that can dually function as a conference station for visiting investors, guests, and clients.

Be sure to ask your Cubiture account manager about the latest ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are rated for an 8-hour work day as opposed to a 5-hour work day. In addition to their superior design and functionality, many of the newer lines are less expensive than so-called discount office chairs in retail big box stores. Cubiture carries a multitude of individual styles and colors, so the variety of choices is also typically greater than most stores offer.

Good business always begins with a great idea, but it requires careful planning and action steps to succeed. Let Cubiture be your planning partner by drafting a layout design drawing for your contemporary home office. Furniture selection will be so much easier—and more affordable—when you can reference this drawing and see what your office will look like before you buy anything. Call now.

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