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January 14, 2019
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Making use of room partitions is a wise choice when you need to quickly subdivide your office space without the complications and financial stress of drywall construction. This is especially true for when your office doesn’t accommodate a conference area– a principal component of any successful company.

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One of the main purposes of a dedicated conference room is to keep private the ideas and concepts shared within the group. With room partitions, you can forego the expenses that are associated with a formal conference area while still forming a physical environment that effectively unites your team, fosters creative ideas, and fulfills company goals.

When a company meeting is held, it’s not always the case that all employees and staff are present. The nature of the meeting might mean that employees from other departments are still at their individual desks performing their daily work. The conference area walls must control environmental noise in both directions. We recommend constructing these walls with acoustical dampening panels.

There are many such room partitions available through Cubiture. One of our more popular models is a High-Density Partition Wall that features two-inch-thick acoustical panels that both dampen the noise from outside of the space while containing the sound within it. Designed and manufactured with high density rigid polyester, these portable room partitions not only absorb sound at a rate of 0.65 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient), they also come readily unavailable in four stylish colors.

These sections, unlike standard cubicle partitions, extend across the floor from one end of a room to the other, containing the sound within the conference area as well as effectively dampening the noise from the surrounding environment. They are also designed to fold up easily for storage when not in use.

Another optimal alternative for setting up an impromptu conference room would be our Accordion Doors, also known as track-mounted door systems. These attractive partitions are hung from the ceiling and suspended from an overhead track. They expand when you need to section off the area, and then retract when you want to reopen the space.

The ever-popular Operable Wall is a more economical option to the more expensive Accordion track mounted wall systems. It features a wall-mounted, floor-based room divider which requires no track and rises to 12 feet. Its lightweight, clear anodized aluminum frame offers sturdy durability with a stylish, contemporary look. It is an excellent option for quick separation of space when you need to hold a sales meeting, team building event, or company party.

These panels come in a variety of over 20 shades of fabrics, all of them engineered for sound-dampening and conveniently pushpin and thumbtack friendly. They install with ease, are manufactured in the United States, and are ready to ship upon order.

Call Cubiture now to inquire about the above partitions as well as others that may work for your office space. Jerry will develop a free office layout drawing that provides an easy, visual guide for setting up conference areas with your new room partitions.

At Cubiture, we not only furnish space, we make space work for you!

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