Modular Office Cubicles That Work LIke Private Offices HM-897462

Modular Office Cubicles That Work LIke Private Offices HM-897462
May 21, 2018
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Modular office cubicles are basic workstations that can be constructed in any number of custom dimensions. They consist of a set of panels, a desk, and a series of built-in filing and storage compartments. Many include interior task lighting, while others, like the one shown in the picture above, are built with glass inserts that allow light from the surrounding office to flood the interior. Most workstations like this are built using powered panels that allow employees to plug in their computing devices and peripherals without the use of extension cords.

Modular office cubicles like this one can function as private offices. Because they can be constructed much larger than standard cubicle sizes, they are self-contained environments that house everything the professional needs to get his or her tasks completed. Some of the modular office cubicles we have constructed were large enough for multiple persons to utilize. These cubicles were built with floor-mounted partitions, similar to the ones shown in the picture, and desk mounted partitions that separated individual work areas within the enclosure. This particular system was built for a team leader in a customer service department who needed slightly more room than the standard telemarketing cubicle would afford her. The glass inserts allow her to constantly monitor her team, while the small entrance with no door permits constant accessibility but also insulates her from surrounding call center noises.

Cubiture has also built modular office cubicles for paralegals, church administrators, accountants, and dispatch operators. Our Houston factory custom builds and sells directly to the public. We own our own trucks and deliver cubicles free of middleman retailers or third-party moving fees. Costs can always be scaled to budget thanks to the multitude of materials we can use to construct desks, partitions, and storage systems. We have hundreds of fabrics, laminates, and wood veneers that range in price from the low end to the very high end, and we also have many glass options that fall well within budget tolerance even for smaller, startup companies.

Get started today with a free space plan drawing that will show you how to maximize the square footage utilization of your office floor plan. We will design your modular office cubicles with specific tasks in mind, and we will help you select the right materials to create your desired interior design and support your most profitable corporate processes. Call Cubiture now.

Modular Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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