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Wholesale Office Furniture For Sale Manufacturer Direct Guarantees Lowest Price And FREE Shipping!
September 24, 2018
Discount Office Furniture For Sale Factory Direct Low Prices And FREE Shipping

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Does Cubiture Have Discount Office Furniture?
The short answer is, “Yes.” Cubiture is one of the few companies anywhere that offers brand new furniture and cubicles at factory direct discounts. Our customers are not limited to used furniture options when they want to save money. Thanks to our customer-focused business models, they can get the workstations they want at a price they can afford to pay.

How could anyone offer new furniture at a consistent discount?
The key to this is diversity in sourcing. Jerry Mogyorody, our President and founder, made it a point to build an extensive supply chain that would allow him to build cubicles and furniture systems at any point on the pricing spectrum.

At that time, there were already hundreds of fabrics that could be used to make cubicle panels. There were also dozens of wood veneers that were rapidly transitioning the industry away from solid wood furniture to composite constructions that looked every bit as good as solid constructions. Also, at this time, the upsurge of contemporary design at the time flooded the market with hundreds of laminates that introduced new, vibrant, eclectic colors to the market.

Jerry was systematic and thorough in his pursuit of vendor relationships with the factories that made these materials. Establishing a solid network of cost-effective source materials, he has since grown his supply chain to several thousand companies. What this means for you, the customer is a complete freedom of choice. If you give Jerry your budget range, he can find the material to build exactly what you want at costs that will keep your entire project within your specified budget range.

What if I do not want to specify my budget?
You certainly have that option, but please keep in mind that Jerry is not a mind reader.
He can help your company best if he knows exactly how much you are able to invest in discount office furniture. He can render a free space plan drawing that will show you in advance exactly what you will be paying for, and he waits until the drawing is finalized before he orders any supplies. Once they arrive at our Houston factory, out team will assemble your cubicle systems and office furniture, load it into one of our own trucks, and install it at a time convenient to your schedule.

Can we get used discount office furniture instead?
You can, but new furniture systems are fully warrantied for parts and labor. If you are on a tight budget, we can refurbish existing cubicles and desks, or we can sell you as-is used office furniture when we have supplies in stock.

What are some examples of discount office furniture you have custom made?
We have manufactured conference room tables with built-in audio-visual hookups, reception desks for healthcare establishments, and filing cabinets for small companies who had run out of space and who could not afford to move.

Find out what Cubiture can do for you without obligating yourself to buy or spending any money in advance. Call us now, and request a free workflow space plan drawing that will detail on paper what your furniture systems and cubicle options will look like.

Discount Office FurnitureFREE Quote 713-412-0900

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