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January 2, 2019
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At Cubiture, our showroom is packed with contemporary office furniture of all types. Its design is determined by the commitment we have to our customers. No matter what it is you might be looking for, chances are that we have it already. Here in Houston, many customers might consider it overwhelming to find a great deal while shopping for office furniture, especially when there’s so many possibilities out there with little idea of where to start. Think of all the classified ads, as well as closeout and discount stores, you’d have to comb through to find the best possible deals. This is where Cubiture comes in.

Choosing the right office furniture means having the power to transform a drab and boring space into one that’s exciting and welcoming. Appealing often to younger clients and those who are in more dynamic industries such as interior and architectural design, contemporary office furniture can do this as well. Contemporary office furniture is known for its sleek lines, and no-frills build. It’s also easy to clean as well as durable. There are many designs available that can feature bold graphic elements that give more liveliness to an environment, both for members of your team and even your clients.

One of the advantages to contemporary office furniture is its flexibility in form and features. Unlike traditional office furniture, such as the rigid pedestal desk or wooden chair, contemporary furniture is expressive in all shapes and sizes. This is perfect for when creativity is important among your team members, whether to increase worker morale or to stimulate imaginative thinking in a company project. This flexibility in contemporary office furniture also allows for greater responsiveness to each individual user, or even to a group of users, such as in regulating personal privacy level or accommodating a more dynamic and freeform work style.

Breaking from traditional rules of style, contemporary office furniture is often found in a wide array of materials, often as a combination of them. For instance, the surface of a table may be of one material, while the legs may be of another. Or maybe a reception desk is mainly built with one material but another material is featured in a less structural role, such as “decorative” panelling. Metal is a very commonly used material in contemporary furniture and it may often be seen paired with glass in today’s offices. Wood always finds a presence in any style, and that includes a modern style. It’s often combined with glass to be used in tables, desks, and even office cubicles.

Plastic is also becoming chic again and a gaining a foothold in modern office spaces. It used to be deemed a cheap, low-quality material, but today you can find much glossier and tougher plastic surfaces in the form of chairs, stools, and tables. As far as using upholstery materials, which tend to be more traditional, a popular choice in style is leather for contemporary office furniture. Strong mesh seems also to be gaining popularity, particularly with comfortable office chairs that offer breath ability in its use as backrests.

High-quality contemporary office furniture can mean different things to different customers, and yet there are some almost-universal aspects of “quality.” What can aid in determining a good deal for your interior design firm going forward are these aspects. A well-constructed desk with drawers that glide smoothly instead of clicking, an office cubicle that has sturdy partitions that don’t wobble, or an ergonomic chair that adjusts to the needs of your body for eight hours or longer. These are examples of quality that you can expect to find in Cubiture’s contemporary office furniture–and at a great price also.

With our contemporary office furniture, we don’t have just new items to choose from. Although new furniture can grant the biggest tax advantages for a long-term return on investment, it can be just too expensive for some firms who may have a limited budget for operations, despite a growing team. For companies such as these, you can still adopt a look and function similar to that of new furniture, but at just a fraction of the cost when you opt for our refurbished, or used contemporary office furniture pieces. Cubiture can offer both of these choices for you as well.

If you’re part of an interior design firm, or any firm where you want contemporary office furniture to convey a sense of modernity at the workplace, you don’t have to look any further for a great deal. Cubiture specializes in all kinds of office furniture for any industry. Call us or visit our showroom to see what we have in store for you.

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