How To Use Cubiture’s Folding Room Dividers To Setup Meetings Anywhere Setup Video

How To Use Cubiture’s Folding Room Dividers To Setup Meetings Anywhere Setup Video
January 21, 2019

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Folding room dividers allow you to create any type of special meeting area required for your event.  A special meeting area gives a sense of unity to the group within the space and fosters a flow of information, a drive for learning, and a sounding board for new ideas. However, few buildings are constructed with physical walls to provide these special spaces. Folding room dividers allow you to create them yourself.

Whether you’re looking to set up an informal learning area for a school, an impromptu conference with employees in your startup, or even a personal, financial workshop in a small community center, you can rely on folding room dividers to provide a creative and cost-effective solution for an effective meeting space.

Naturally, a major necessity of an effective meeting is proper communication. In order for ideas and information to be well-conveyed, the acoustical integrity of your meeting space should be a point of concern. Depending on your surroundings, this can mean ridding the meeting area of external noise while keeping interior voices from carrying.

If a department meeting is held in the middle of the office, nearby out-of-department employees may still need to focus on their daily tasks. Our folding room dividers can provide this for you no matter where you set up your meeting space. The 2-inch-thick fabric acoustical panels provide excellent sound dampening, and the fabric can also accept push pins, making these panels great for presentations or bulletin boards.

Our highly popular folding room divider offers an all-around great solution, and one that’s more economical than the costlier accordion track-mounted wall divider systems you may have seen around. The divider is wall-mounted, and floor based, with no tracks, making installation easier than it already is. With heights of up to 12’ and widths of up to 19’, this divider delivers more coverage than what’s offered with our more premium walls and partitions.

In fact, this folding room divider acts as a virtual wall, making it a great choice for large, open spaces or open-plan offices where a track system isn’t permitted or possible. Try mounting two on opposite sides of the room to cover spaces up to 39’ wide. The lack of ceiling track allows air from your building’s HVAC system to flow freely between the two sides of the divided space.

While optimizing acoustical quality is important in the design of this room folding room divider, there are other attractive features not to be overlooked. With panels of acoustical fabric available in a variety of over 20 beautiful shades of color, both in bold and muted hues.

This way, not only can you enjoy environmental noise control during your meetings; you can also use these folding room dividers to make a bold statement or to coordinate colors with your existing interior style. The lightweight frame of clear anodized aluminum can further contribute to a stylish and contemporary look while being highly durable as well.

With our folding room divider, there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg, or even the time, to enjoy a meeting space within your place of business. We here at Cubiture can help you find the right folding room divider specified to your unique physical and group setting so that you can share your ideas and goals in a space that’s right. Call Cubiture to inquire today!

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