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March 31, 2018
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As we can see, there are many workplace cubicles that do not look like cubicles.  Designed to meet the needs of creative professionals, these workstations allow companies to create specialized production areas in even the smallest of physical spaces.  This assembly turned an unused corner of a room into an entire design department.  Notice how individual desk areas lack side partitions.  This establishes a semi-open concept environment where the team can work as a group.  The elevated desks in both modular assemblies allow designers to stand while they work.  Ergonomic experts recommend periods of standing at work as a healthy exercise for the entire body.  Modifications like this can be made in our factory using basic materials at an affordable cost.

The key to budgeting for workplace cubicles is an understanding of what each employee needs to accomplish during an 8-hour workday.  All too often, people by on looks without first determining what functions they need to support their processes.  Many cubicles that you see in showrooms are designed with aesthetics primarily in mind.  This respect for style is something that we also share, but we believe that style should contribute to profits as much as it contributes to the environment.  Because we are a factory that sells direct to organizations, we are able to affordably customize any workplace cubicle with a high level of individuality.  One individual, we remembered asked for a quote on a $12,000.00 desking system she found on a manufacturer's website.  Jerry replicated this piece in our factory for only $6,000.00.  This should encourage you to call Jerry and ask for a custom system because we can typically beat any catalog price with a workstation designed specifically for an individual user or job description.

Cubiture builds workplace cubicles using a variety of materials.  Many people who prefer the look and feel of traditional office furniture are thrilled to learn that we can build them workstations made from wood veneer panels and desktops.  Others who prefer an ultra contemporary look want modular furniture systems like the ones shown in our picture that encourage team building and collaboration.  Panels and desks in these cubicle systems are made from laminates with hundreds of color combinations.  Standard cubicles with fabric panels are also still popular in industries that favor utility and budget over style and design.

The point is that anything is possible with Cubiture, and everything is affordable because we build your workspace cubicles custom for you and ship them to you free of charge.  Call today.

Workplace Cubicles
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