How To Create Privacy With Office Room Partitions

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February 8, 2019


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At Cubiture, our office room partitions offer the perfect solution to a wide range of scenarios where privacy would be a major concern. Visual and acoustic noise are often a problem when it’s important for workers to stay on task with a minimum of distraction, stress, and fatigue. Our selection of office room dividers and partitions are wonderful additions to an office when there’s just not enough privacy to keep employees comfortable on task.

Recent studies have shown that the open-plan office, while first viewed optimistically, is not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s true that this type of office layout—a large room devoid of office room partitions—grants many opportunities for coworkers to socialize and collaborate meaningfully, but unfortunately, it also lends itself to distraction, stress, and a subsequent loss of overall productivity. Employees may also be uncomfortable and vulnerable in the feeling that all eyes are on them as they physically move through the workplace. This highlights a commonly overlooked need for visual privacy as well. Office room partitions can help to negotiate between openness and privacy as they provide a respite from prying eyes and unsolicited conversation.

Usually, when you think of the company executive office, the image of a private room that’s richly decorated with grand furniture and ornate trim may come to mind. It may feel like an exclusive space whose entry is off-limits to the public, or at least highly
controlled. It’s unlikely that office room partitions are featured in this image! These days, however, with a seemingly infinite number of variants on the concept of the workspace, this traditional executive office seems to be more scarce. There are many companies now that provide co-working solutions, virtual offices, and other shared-space scenarios where it’s very possible for two coworkers, even two company executives, to share a workspace without provision for privacy of any kind. Acoustical office room partitions would benefit this situation greatly, where multiple employees in a single space would readily choose sound and even visual privacy they provide over outshouting each other on their own respective business calls.

Conference and other meeting spaces can also benefit from office room partitions, which can provide a good level of sound dampening for when you need to hold a business meeting in the midst of busy employees trying to stay on task. A break room or employee lounge is another great application for privacy-providing office room partitions. Hearing the buzz and beeps of a running microwave, the clang of forks against glass bowls, or idle chat between relaxing employees can grow into a nuisance for office workers who are placed near these spaces. An office room partition consisting of acoustical panels lined in a sound-dampening fabric can help to block and absorb this unwanted noise before it travels throughout the office space. Office room partitions can also help you with how employees are clustered or zoned. As someone who works in an office with a sales or telemarketing department can attest to, not all employees work at the same volume level. If an employee’s role in the company requires quiet in order to stay on task, our acoustical partitions can help shield the sound of employees whose job it is to vocally interface with clients all day.

Cubiture carries configurable cubicle office room partitions that come in multiple potential dimensions to bring you a high level of personalization as you address privacy issues at the workplace. With our cubicle partitions, you can choose from a height of 4’ or 6’, and widths include 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’. This array of possible dimensions means full customizability as you determine the unique privacy and partitioning needs of your office space. If a 6-foot-high office room partition sounds like it could block out too much ambient lighting, it can also be outfitted with a durable polycarbonate glass window at the top to help illuminate the space within.

These acoustical office room partition panels are composed of two-inch-thick fabric and offer excellent sound-dampening qualities while delivering visual privacy as well, regulated by different heights. Framed in anodized aluminum and available in 25 different color options, these partitions are durable yet lightweight while adding extra style to complement the unique design of your own office space. Given their fabric makeup, these partitions are readily trackable for any number of materials, such as presentation posters, calendars, memos, artwork, menus, and other commonly posted personal and office-wide items.

Another great feature of this type of office room partition is its ease of assembly. Its tool-less construction lets you assemble your desired configuration anywhere without specialized or external help. The aluminum posts that comprise the structure accept a total of four panels—one on each face—giving you the opportunity to configure individual workspaces into clusters that accommodate employees of common department, role, or project.

Cubiture can provide you with a number of partitioning solutions that will help you and your staff stay on task during daily business operations with a minimum of visual or acoustical distraction. Give us a call today to see how we can help find the right office room partition for you!

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