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May 7, 2019

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When you think of  business  furniture, it may be easy to consider only the most functional of those pieces first. Desks aid you in the key functions of your workday and case goods such as shelving and drawer systems are important for storage. However, even the more ancillary pieces of furniture such as chairs and tables fulfill much-needed roles throughout the day. Cubiture doesn’t overlook the fact that small additions contribute to a working whole that you can be proud of in the form of a business furniture set.

Business furniture can come in all types of materials, styles, and extra features, so it can be overwhelming to decide what’s right for your office. Luckily, there are some parameters that you can set for yourself in order to help with the selection process. Budget often comes to the forefront for a typical business, especially if that business has a smaller one, such as with the case of a small business or a startup. When you purchase business furniture from Cubiture, you can put your budget concerns on the backburner and free up time and energy to focus on more important things.

This is due to many aspects of how we do business. Our President and founder, Jerry, has established our very own fabrication shop in Houston, as well as a fleet of trucks, which essentially cuts out the middle man. Additionally, he has built a network of hundreds of global manufacturers as well as a considerably large supply chain. All this means that you can select a pre-built item from a manufacturer or custom-build your own for an amazingly low cost that’s guaranteed to come in under your budget, from selection to free shipping and installation.

Style is an important determinant of what business furniture you choose for the office as well. This can range anywhere from the personal style of you and your employees to a style that goes beyond the individual level to best represent the values and culture of your business. There is an infinite number of ways that you can convey various styles, thanks to the thousands and thousands of material choices out there, including such variations as size, texture, pattern, and grade.

The traditional look makes considerable use of solid wood, giving business furniture a warm and organic appeal. Decorative accents are common in wood paneling as well as in hardware such as drawer and cabinet pulls. However, the contemporary look has become increasingly popular over the decades as we’ve seen how it’s put focus onto functionality and the diversity of users’ needs. This can be conveyed in the freedom of material and shape present in such business furniture.

Commonly seen materials include glass, metal, hard plastics, laminates, and veneers, and they are often combined to create unique and interesting pieces. Solid wood is still a beloved material in this case, but lighter finishes and simpler lines tend to be more common.

Oftentimes, the impression that you make on a client or visitor is closely linked to the visual style. A traditional business furniture scheme is usually characterized by austere décor, dark wood finishes, and heavy, ornately-decorated pieces. This can give the impression of dependability, stability, and sound judgment—all qualities that are important to present in more conservative industries such as finance and accounting, as well as law.

On the other hand, more contemporary styles can range greatly in material and form, but they usually convey a sense of innovation and an ability to be as dynamic as a world that’s continually being shaped by new ideas and technologies. This style of business furniture can project a sense of creativity, adaptability, and enthusiasm in the work a company does for its clients.

Furthermore, since ultra-contemporary business furniture often sheds the weight that comes with more traditional furniture, as well as trades in superfluous decoration for sleek contouring and decoration, it can often convey a no-frills sense of focus on the work at hand. The less busy look can make your workstation look much cleaner, especially when the right storage features have been selected to accommodate your workload. This can make a good first impression on clients and other visitors as they move through your office.

Traditional cubicles and all types of desking systems are of course the centerpieces among the business furniture used in an office. This is because it’s where the bulk of a day’s work is done. Since that work can take on many different characteristics and reflect the individual idiosyncrasies of its users, this type of furniture can see countless unique variations in terms of shape, features, materials, and size. The diversity is due in no small part to a contemporary mindset, style-wise. L-shaped work surfaces have expanded upon the traditional rectangular desk, and so have U-shaped desks, modular desks, and corner desks, to name a few.

Like any other individual piece of business furniture, the size and shape of your workstation should work with your overall office space for comfortable movement and smooth circulation. Since the cubicle is meant to be highly adaptable and a convenient all-in-one workstation, they tend to be the most diverse with respect to extra features. These features—drawers, cabinets, overhead storage, bulletin boards, cubby holes, and organizational rails—can help you save space by combining all these features into one relatively compact workstation.

Chairs are also a crucial piece of business furniture, and they should be highly adjustable to allow for a wide range of positions so that any user can sit comfortably per their own unique bodily needs. Different positions are achieved through a combination of seat and armrest heights so that the least amount of strain is put on the spine while you work at the right height relative to the floor and your work surface. Extra adjustability along with contoured cushioning also helps to support your back and neck. Our 8-hour-rated ergonomic chairs can keep you working comfortably throughout the workday with the business furniture of your choice.

Aside from workstations and ergonomic office chairs, other tables and seating options are available. These occasional tables and chairs can act as supplemental accessories to your business furniture, adding an extra dimension and depth to your office space. These can give a softening touch to an otherwise work-focused environment. A small circular table with a couple of lightweight chairs can be a place of light diversion, either in a private office or among employees, during small breaks for lunch or light chat.

One of the benefits of contemporary business furniture is its ability to bring employees together in a creative and informal way. A seating area can be used for multiple purposes, including work-related, social, and personal. A broad coffee table with bowed edges makes for an elegant and inclusive central element when sharing ideas with coworkers. Depending on your company’s culture and work style, this arrangement can also lessen anxiety when conducting interviews with would-be employees.

Surrounding the table with stylish, minimalist seating options—such as metal-framed, lightly-cushioned chairs and even a sofa—can give this collection of business furniture a living room-like feel especially when it’s softened with a plush rug. Liven up the ensemble with any combination of bold colors, or look for something more on the subdued side with muted shades. You can further soften the feel of this sleek, ultra-contemporary meeting space with a few small, organic potted plants in the center of the table.

Case goods are indispensable pieces of business furniture that provide the extra storage of your documents that your cubicle or desking system hasn’t achieved. If the overhead bin is filled up, you can bring in a bookcase or two to hold all your reference materials and manuals.

If you find you need more space than what file under your worksurface has been able to provide, investing in a set of drawers can keep files and other paperwork from piling up. Choose lateral or vertical files depending on space and style. Often, you can find business furniture units that combine two features such as these, making up for footprint in height instead.

Contact Cubiture to see what business furniture you would like for your unique workspace and the needs of your employees. Whether traditional or ultra-contemporary, we have something for everyone. No matter what you decide, with every order you place, you can expect free shipping too. Call us today!

Call Us For A FREE Office Furniture Quote 713-412-0900

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