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New Office Cubicle Panels For Sale Cheap Discount Prices
October 3, 2017
New Office Cubicle Panels For Sale Cheap Discount Prices

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Now is the time to create a whole new work environment with office panels installed by Cubiture.
The term “office panels” loosely refers to three categories of dividers.  There are those that mount to the surfaces or edges of desks to create a personal workspace.  There are panels that mount to the floor and create departmental subdivisions within your office suite.  Still, others span the entire distance from the floor to ceiling, replacing the need for drywall construction.

There are powered and non-powered office panels for sale through Cubiture.  These panels can also have as much or as little glass as you want to help evenly distribute lighting throughout your suite.

  1. Desk mounted office panels improve personal focus and task completion.
    The pure open concept is going out of style.  Many new workflow studies now suggest that a purely open concept office layout holds too many distractions for employees.  It can also lead to contribute to increased off-topic conversation and friction between personalities.  Individuals can easily lose sight of their own job descriptions in a pure team environment. As individualism becomes increasingly sublimated into team initiative, the sense of individual accountability declines in proportion.  This poses a problem for management as well as operations.  It is difficult to assess individual effectiveness in an environment where personal ownership of task completion has been completely eliminated.Cubiture can help you restore individual performance metrics and personal accountability by adding personal site screen office panels to worktables and shared cubicle desk space.  This will preserve the essentially collaborative function of the environment, but it will also create ownership of workspace and improved focus on personal task completion.  We have a variety of thicknesses and colors to match any style of office décor.  Send us pictures of your current collaboration areas, and we can recommend any number of personal panel options that will fit your budget. 
  1. Freestanding office panels create distinctive workflow environments.
    We can take a raw office shell and use floor-mounted office panels to create workflows for accounting, sales, customer service, creative development.  This is particularly useful to companies who primarily transact over the phone because floor mounted office panels work to cluster call center cubicles and workstations into distinctive, yet also interactive environments.  Office panels are also ideal for research labs that require a blend of intense, individual focus and colleague interaction.  In an industrial environment, we can even build physical production areas by using a variety of laminate and/or veneer dividers that will separate group assembly lines.
  1. Floor-to-Ceiling office panels replace drywall by creating completely enclosed, separate rooms within your office suite.
    When you buy our largest office panels, you are basically investing in portable walls that can be reconfigured at will or moved to a new location when your company outgrows its current space.  This is a valued time-saver for any company that plans to grow significantly over the next decade. Having your own inventory of personal walls significantly decreases the wait time typically associated with new office build out.  You will also receive tax benefits when you invest in office panels.   Even though they are fully functioning walls, they are classified as office furniture and therefore qualify for tax write-offs associated with inventory value depreciation.

Office panels vary in price depending on the amount of glass and power conduits they contain.
While this represents a higher front-end cost than standard drywall construction, this difference is offset by the tax benefits discussed above.  When you consider as well the increased profitability of a suite that can be finished in days, rather than months, your investment in new office panels will significantly improve your bottom line over the course of the next five years.

Contact us now, and choose from hundreds of colors, thicknesses, and materials (including all glass panels) to create just the right interior design for your corporate culture.

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