Cubiture Cough Shields are Simply the Best-Here’s Why

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June 29, 2020

Cough shields are becoming standard fare in almost every office in America.  As employees return to the office, companies invest in these desktop screens to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  Cubiture has responded to this demand by developing its own proprietary line of cough shields–the Clear Panel Containment Systems (CPCS).  These cough shields are designed with a unique material build and configuration that sets them apart from others on the market.  

The Cubiture CPCS is made from ¼ inch tempered glass. 
You will see a lot of plexiglass and acrylic cough shields on the market.  We experimented with these materials in the beginning but decided to go with tempered glass for a number of reasons.  Tempered glass is very resistant to scratching and is very difficult to break.  It is equivalent to vehicle windows and windshields in its resiliency, and even if it does break with a severe impact, it disintegrates into beads.  You can clean tempered glass just like you do any window with standard glass cleaners.  Many of our customers write notes on their cough shields with sharpies and then later erase them.  The ink comes right off the glass with a little bit of cleaner and a paper towel.  This is great for sales agents who need to make a manual note about priority leads.

The Cubiture CPCS wraps around the entire work surface.
We build our cough shields to match the length and width of the worker’s desk area.  L-Shaped desks are matched with an L-shaped CPCS that runs the entire length of the desk front and the length of the side.  For sit-stand desks and work tables in open-concept office layouts, we can build three-sided cough shields to protect the worker from the front and from either side–similar to the way cubicle panels enclose the individual on 3-sides.  Reception desk cough shields can be customized to any style reception center-including those in medical offices where more than one receptionist works at a group station. 

Cough shield panels are fitted together with a powerful industrial adhesive that will not pull apart.

The Cubiture CPCS will not mar your desk or work table surface.
Many cough shields on the market require you to attach them to your work area with some kind of mounting bracket.  This involves placing screws in the wood which will leave permanent holes in the wood. Cubiture does not want you to have to do this. We have many customers who start new companies by purchasing used office furniture systems that fit their budgets.  Furniture with holes in the desktop has a severely diminished value.  The cost of refurbishing damaged furniture will negate any trade-in or resale value.  

Our cough shields do not require mounting brackets.  Our design and assembly allow the CPCS to rest securely on the work surface on its own weight.  The right angles of its design stabilize its position.  You can move the CPCS at any time from one area to another, or you can either store it or call us for recycling once the COVID-19 crisis has passed.  Call us now to place your order and get back to work with confidence that you are doing all you can to move forward with the best possible safeguards for your company.

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