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Diccount Office Cubicle Sizes For Sale Factory Direct Sales Saves You Money Today
May 19, 2019
Diccount Office Cubicle Sizes For Sale Factory Direct Sales Saves You Money Today

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Office cubicle sizes can differ greatly from one unit to the next, particularly given their highly custom nature.  You may not always be able to work in an office that provides the conventional rooms you’d wanted. Oftentimes, especially with larger companies, it’s just not feasible.  Therefore, cubicles are a common and effective alternative that provides all the elements of a full-fledged office, including an amount of privacy that varies with individual needs.  At Cubiture, we carry all kinds of office cubicle sizes demonstrated in all kinds of materials and styles. We can also build to personal specifications to make sure your workstation is scaled to your needs.

A cubicle can hardly be considered a one-size-fits-all solution, so choosing the right workstation for you can be take some time.  Finding the right office cubicle size goes beyond the idea that bigger is better, or that smaller is more cost-effective. Neither case is ever 100% true.  It’s always important to assess the kind of business you’re in, and what kind of work you do. Personal work habits accompanied by company workflow could also have a bearing on the right office cubicle sizes for you and your employees.

With help from the right people, it’s ideal to make sure that your office cubicle sizes aren’t just tailored to you and your work, but also to the size of your office space.  It wouldn’t be comfortable to have over sized cubicles that crowd your office and make circulation a pain. However, if you have plenty of office space with few employees and there are no plans for growth on the horizon, why deny you and your employees a larger office cubicle size that could provide more comfort and necessary storage features?

At Cubiture, we don’t just deliver the physical of cubicles and other office furniture; we also deliver value through many free services at no obligation for you to purchase.  We pride ourselves in our expertise in quality space planning, which we offer at no charge. With the known measurements of your office, we can determine what office cubicle sizes are best as they work with the unique parameters of your space.  We provide you with CAD drawings that show the placement of your new workstations, awaiting your approval to begin ordering or custom-building your furniture.

Call centers or telemarketing offices are one setting where office cubicle size is very obvious.  The image of a “sea of cubicles” in a large space might spring to mind, where each cubicle only provides a minimal amount of space for just the resources needed to complete a typical workday.  Granted, the role that call centers are playing in our daily lives has been increasing in its complexity and services, but it still remains that call center cubicles tend to emphasize major efficiency of space, featuring often no more than a work surface for a computer or an under-surface file drawer.

Private office cubicles are near the other end of the spectrum when it comes to office cubicle size.  This style of modular workstation offers you such similar features to what you can expect from a conventional office suite, that you will forget you’re even in a cubicle. The walls of these cubicles can reach as high as the ceiling for when you need a maximum of acoustical privacy.  You have thousands of materials to choose from for your paneling, which can consist of acoustical fabric, laminate or wood veneers, even glass inserts that are used as windows when you desire a sense of openness to balance the full height of your panels. Office cubicle size is often large enough to include a full-fledged work surface that can go beyond the typical rectangular slab to become an “L” or even “U” shaped, perfect for meetings with visitors or when you just need more room to spread out.  All kinds of storage elements are available, including overhead storage bins, lateral filing units, built-in railing to hang binder trays or cups for office supplies. A full-height cabinet can be a way to include more features while reducing office cubicle size. Walls can also be powered internally with wiring to provide you all the electrical outlets you need.

No matter what the office cubicle size, making sure any and all workstations are ergonomically sound in their design is an important consideration that you shouldn’t avoid.  We spend countless hours a year at our personal workstations and desks. A strained reach for an object or a slight hunching down to focus on your computer screen doesn’t seem like a big deal, but over many days and months of this repetitive and continuous behavior can cause possibly great injury and discomfort, as well as fatigue.  Aside from how improper posture and strained movements can affect physical health, mental health and happiness can be affected as well. These are ultimately tied to worker morale and productivity, so focusing on ergonomics for the long term is nothing short of a wise decision.

Cubiture makes sure you get exactly what you need when it comes to office cubicle size among many other features.  Whether you’re looking for a workstation for a call center employee or choosing your own full-fledged modular office cubicle, call us for a free consultation and we can help to guide you through the selection process.  Don’t forget to ask us about out free space planning services, and our free shipping when you place and order withy us. Call Cubiture today!

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