New Cubicle Workstations for Collaborative Environments

Buy Manufacturer Direct New Cubicle Workstations For Sale Cheap Wholesale Prices
October 6, 2017
Buy Manufacturer Direct New Cubicle Workstations For Sale Cheap Wholesale Prices

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Long ago, the first Cubiture customers learned that workstations are far more than standard cubicles.  Our very brand- a hybrid between “cubicle” and “furniture”- was created to educate our marketplace in the sophisticated blend of panels, windows, desks, filing systems, and tables that comprises today's modern workstation.  With many designs, you have to be an expert in cubicle components to recognize a workstation as a “cubicle.”  Perhaps the most radical departure from the stereotypical cubbies of the 70s and 80s has been the evolution of the collaborative cubicle workstation.  Based partly on the open concept design, and partly on the requirements of focused task completion, the collaborative workstation provides a forum for a small group of individuals to work as one mind and one unit.

Collaborative cubicle workstations are highly adaptive environments.  Much more flexible than your traditional conference room, they allow you to create teamwork environments in every department.  These environments are separated from individual task completion areas so employees have a clear sense of separation from their own individual duties and the tasks completed as members of a team.  Due to the variety of office panels, tables, and desk types, Cubiture can build integrate a collaborative cubicle workstation into a row of individual cubicles, at the end of a partitioned worktable, or in a central area within a cluster of workstations.

With access to thousands of materials, Cubiture can customize your collaborative cubicle workstation in a number of specific ways.  We can mount office panels, portfolio storage, and mobile whiteboards within an array of floor-mounted office panels.  This array can be further developed with a custom desk system for shared workspace and a small table that functions as a meeting area.  Office panels can enclose this array on 2, 3, or even 4 sides, depending on the degree of privacy required for the team.  Other collaborative spaces can be nested between individual work areas.  The picture above shows a cubicle workstation with a customized desking system that wraps around the ends of cubicle panels.  This creates a shared space that each employee can access simply by moving his or her chair to the end of the station.

Please be mindful that Cubiture is a manufacturer as well as a reseller of cubicle workstations.  As such, we can custom build and deliver systems with costs significantly lower than retail equivalents.  With Cubiture, customization costs you less and brings you more.  Call now to get your team started in an entirely new direction.

New Cubicle Workstations
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