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May 6, 2019

When you shop office furniture online, you don’t have to look any further than Cubiture, where we have the best of virtually any kind of furniture you can imagine, including office desks, workstations, tables, and case goods. Whether you’re looking for new, used, or refurbished, we have something to fit any budget out there.

We have two different ways that you’re able to acquire our office furniture online. As a distributor for more than 500 global manufacturers, Cubiture carries a number of office furniture made by the manufacturer of your choice. This includes leaders in the industry as well as lesser-known names. Once you’ve decided on your preferred piece of furniture in a catalog, we can order, ship, and install, all for free, as part of our competitive advantage over other distributors.

You can enjoy even more considerable savings with buying office furniture online through our factory direct sales channel. Our full-fledged and fully operational furniture factory, which is contained within our Northwest Houston warehouse, has allowed us to custom build furniture to your exact specifications and at discount prices to boot.

Whether you’re looking for some variation on the workstation, an office desk, and case goods, we offer office furniture online at a significantly lower price point than comparable versions available through retail centers. Jerry has spent years amassing a vast supply chain that allows us to source materials that are competitively priced. This means more savings for you and a guarantee that your desired furniture comes to you at a level below well below your maximum budget.

While the appearance and functionality of your office furniture online is important, you shouldn’t overlook how each piece physically harmonizes with its surroundings. As you determine the perfect furniture for you, whether selected from a manufacturer’s catalog or built per your specifications, you can find the perfect fit in your office space with the help of our free space plan that accompanies every quote.

The high caliber of training that our design specialists go through, along with their excessive experience means that you’ll be able to accurately determine what the appearance and configuration of your office furniture online will look like in your office space before any purchases are made. Only after approval of a layout will our experts source each furniture piece or begin to build them to spec.

The fact we have our very own fleet of trucks has opened the possibilities of what we can do for our customers. With this, we can go beyond city limits and to the farthest reaches of the Continental United States to get to where you need us, be it a business, a school, or a healthcare facility.

We can get rid of any of the costs that would otherwise be associated with the moving and storage of your office furniture online. We also offer furniture moving services for when you’re relocating to another office while offering you a choice of an hourly price or a flat rate, whichever works best for your circumstances.

Of course, we continue our services through the free installation of your office furniture online as well. Our installers at Cubiture work closely with you, your employees and building managers to build a moving schedule a that will minimize the disruption of workflow for staff while also cleaning up before leaving the building at the end of a move.

Nearly any piece of office furniture online that you can think of can be sourced with your selection or built to your preferences in our very own fabrication shop. Of course, as our name implies, cubicles are a major specialty for us since the beginning and they’ve put our reputation on the map. That said, all aspects of a cubicle’s manufacture, installation, and even repair can be left in the hands of Cubiture to meet the needs of professionals as widespread as those found in the finance industry, in healthcare, in education, in sales and customer service, and beyond.

Desking systems are another highly versatile configuration of office furniture online. Calling this type of furniture a “system” really brings attention to the number of features and ways that the traditional work surface has been envisioned over time. This is an important characteristic that desking systems share with more conventional cubicles because not everyone works in the same way or at the same comfort level.

Conference tables are also expanding their forms and features as they accommodate various needs of today’s businesses and their collaborative environments. There are large conference tables as well as smaller ones to reflect any size of meeting space. Among conference office furniture online, the more conventional rectangular shape is always popular and can feature right angles as well as bowed edges to offer a softer and more inclusive touch.

Ovular, circular, and square conference tables are also choices for conference spaces, though they may be less space efficient due to their shapes. We are able to order any name brand table that you’ve found online, or we can build one for you simply based on a picture you send our way.

Reception centers are also important as one of the first pieces of office furniture online to welcome your visitors and clients in a lobby space. A reception center can host a single individual or multiple staff members for busier, more client-heavy establishments, while also offering more storage features and workspace to handle more complex tasks.

Filing and storage systems are another type of office furniture online that make up another major specialty of ours. Jerry’s past experience working as a specialist in high-density filing has fine-tuned his skill in determining the most efficient way to save floor space in an office swimming with hardcopy files and other documents.

We are enthusiastic to bring you the most advanced space-saving solutions for your office in order to create a highly organized space to optimize production as well as circulation. Just as with our free space-planning services, we can conduct an assessment of square footage utilization in your office to help you eliminate clutter with perfectly selected filing storage office furniture online.

With Cubiture’s distribution channels and supply chain, we have access to full name brand pieces of furniture, as well as literally thousands of materials that can be used to build a custom piece, all at a cost that will come under budget for you. We can bring you a full set of the above office furniture online to create a beautiful workstation that’s consistent in quality and appearance. Styles can range anywhere from traditional wood to more contemporary pieces of laminate, plastic, glass, and metal.

The image above shows an office set whose appeal blends the traditional, warm feel of solid wood with a slightly contemporary feel in form and light decoration. You can opt for an L-shaped wooden desk for when you need a larger surface that can conveniently help you zone your work as you multitask.

Pairing it with some full-height storage units that marry open shelving with drawers can offer additional, diverse storage options for anything from books to irregular objects to files. Your search for office furniture online can also include a light seating area that consists of a small table and a couple of chairs. This can offer a nice break from your day’s work as a reading table or a place to have lunch on busy days. It can even double as a site for interviews with prospective employees.

Give us a call for a free consultation to see what Cubiture can offer, without being under any obligation to purchase. With all we have to offer, you’ll see that buying office furniture online is a breeze. Enquire about out free space plan drawings as well, and keep in mind that all orders your place ship free. Contact Cubiture today!

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