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May 15, 2019

Your workspace isn’t complete once you’ve bought your office furniture from Cubiture—not until you’ve taken advantage of our free office furniture design services. As we’ve come to realize how important personal comfort and accessibility is in the healthy operation of our businesses, we find that office design layout is a major contributor to those qualities.

Cubiture has all the office furniture you could ever need to run your business in style and with optimal functionality. We carry cubicles of course, as well as a multitude of desking systems to suit every taste. We have plenty of options for all kinds of case goods and storage units. We also haven’t forgotten the need for ergonomically designed office chairs to work tirelessly throughout the workday, maximizing bodily comfort and minimizing worker fatigue.

While it may be most obvious in the case of the cubicle, we know how crucial the form and features of furniture are in maximizing the comfort and accessibility of an individual’s workspace in order to optimize job performance. However, what about moving beyond the individual piece of furniture? Office furniture design is how we organize these otherwise lone furnishings to operate as a larger unit for the benefit of the entire company. How we group office furnishings and zone them based on function has a lot to do with how well or poorly we operate a business.

With properly executed office furniture design, energy shouldn’t be wasted if at all possible. However, because so many sets of circumstances vary from one office to another, it’s highly advised that you employ professionals who have considerable training in office layout design. Jerry Mogyorody, Cubiture President and CEO, is passionate about giving your unique business exactly the office furniture design layout it needs to operate smoothly and successfully in a highly competitive world.

What you may not know about Jerry is that he has spent many of his early years as a high-density filing storage specialist. He has worked closely with businesses of various industries to provide the perfect filing storage solutions that addressed the efficiency of both filed documents as well as open floor space, both of which lead to higher productivity.

Jerry’s expertise in office furniture design has yielded beautiful floor plans that blend both open-concept schemes and those which put an emphasis on privacy. What you end up getting is a sensible and viable layout that employs “the best of both worlds,” attending to both the importance of collaboration among coworkers as well as the necessity of worker privacy and comfort.

When it comes to principles of office furniture design, a few general ideas are important. It should be easy to move from your personal workstation to more commonly used spaces such as conference rooms or break rooms, even file areas or other office-wide spaces that accommodate reference materials. Having these resources accessible to everyone in the office is key so clustering or centrally locating these areas can be beneficial, along with making sure that materials are within physical reach of all employees. Clustering and consolidating resources can also help to free up space that was otherwise being poorly used.

Office furniture design should also take into account the circulation in the office. Keeping pathways uncluttered and wide enough for easy passage doesn’t just make it easier to get work done throughout the day; it also aids in getting people out of the office efficiently in cases of emergency.

Office furniture design concerns itself with how employees relate to each other as well. How your office is zoned can make your business run more smoothly when you strategically place office workers on such bases as function, privacy, objective, and so on. If you have a team of people working on a particular project, clustering them together can facilitate more communication and productivity, leading to a more quality product.

Some departments might need continuous communication by phones, such as sales and customer service. If they tend to be loud, it would be a good idea to put distance between them and departments that might need a higher level of concentration to complete their own work tasks.

We offer you our office furniture design layouts for free, providing you with CAD drawings of your measured and scaled office spaces and where your future office furniture is meant to go for a more efficient and workable scheme.

When you need to organize your office furniture for a work environment that more closely aligns with your business’s workflow, let Cubiture help out with our free office furniture design. Any consultation we provide to you is free of charge as well and there’s no obligation to purchase.

Whether ordering catalog-based office furniture or custom-building it to your own original specifications, we never place an order without your approval of the office furniture design layout that we’ve created. Once you have placed an order with us, you can also count on free shipping. Give Cubiture a call today!

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