How Cubiture Helps You Choose an Office Furniture Reception Desk

July 19, 2019

The choice if an office furniture reception desk is not an easy one.  Today’s furniture marketplace offers so many options that a business can feel quickly overwhelmed when faced with the realization that they can only buy one of literally thousands of models they see online.  Fortunately, reception seating is one of our strongest suites when it comes to outfitting new office space.

Thanks to our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, we have learned how to combine practicality with the finer points of aesthetics when designing a reception center for a new customer. By focusing on utility first, we create the essential supports for the workflow taking place at that desk.  Once this is established, we can add the aesthetics appropriate to the organization’s industry, interior architecture, and corporate identity.

Regardless of whether Cubiture manufacturers an office furniture reception desk or sources it from a manufacturer, the customer experience is always unique, personalized, and custom in delivery.  This is because we never try to push a particular piece on any customer like some office furniture stores like to do.  While we do run the occasional sale on certain items, we never allow ourselves to devolve into the mindset that any one item in our inventory has to offloaded onto the business at all cost.

This is one of the things that make our design process not only unique—but also preferable—to those offered by our competitors.  We look at design as a form of customer service—as a way of generating superior ergonomics, contributing to health, wellness, and morale, and facilitating a more profitable business by building a better work environment with carefully selected furniture systems and cubicles.

One of the more important tasks in this process is helping an organization choose the very best office furniture reception desk for their facility.  Experience has taught us that the reception areas in Houston businesses alone vary almost as much as the Houston marketplace itself. In fact, there are some types of industries—such as warehousing and distribution—that really do not need a reception area because only authorized persons or employees enter these buildings.

In other industries, however, such as tax preparation businesses, real estate offices, credit card processing companies, and medical clinics have fully furnished waiting areas where customers take a seat and wait until their appointment time rolls around.  The types of office furniture reception desks found in each of these environments typically vary considerably in comparison to one another.

Medical facilities, for example, typically have multiple staff members working behind an office furniture reception desk.  The entire assembly works like a mini-office, with high walls on either side of the payment counter that prevent the patient from seeing anything behind the center except the face of the staff member attending to his or her needs.

Reception desks in CPA firms and law firms also have higher fronts to establish a sense of security, confidentiality, and formality.  Unlike reception centers in medical clinics, however, most of these desks are built only for a single individual and are often curvilinear in design.  This allows an admin to quickly access all computing devices, files, and office supplies with a minimum of side-to-side movement.

When we look at just a few basic differences between desks that we have noted above, it becomes obvious why we begin with a space plan drawing before we even start looking at pictures of specific models.  True, we can use any picture you send us as a starting point to work with, but we nevertheless want to truly understand your workflow requirements before we finalize any order or implement a custom build.

Choosing the right materials and colors for your office furniture reception desk is easy once nail down its essential geometry and physical size.  Desk areas have to be adequately built for employee task completion, and many of our more sophisticated reception centers also have to include built-in filing and storage systems.  If we start with designing the desk on paper before turning to catalogs to start shopping through pictures, we can more quickly find a model that matches your requirements and meets your available budget.

Always keep in mind that some of the best office furniture reception desks sold by Cubiture were also built by Cubiture in our NW Houston factory.  Because Jerry has labored tirelessly to develop his supply chain, we have access to virtually any material that can possibly be used to build a reception center.  This allows us to build very unique configurations using lower end or mid-range materials that add up to an affordable purchase for even the smallest of businesses. Call Jerry now, and get started with a free office layout drawing for your reception area.

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