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Commercial Tempered Glass Sneeze Shields For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping!
July 7, 2020

Commercial Tempered Glass Sneeze Shields For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping!Even before the end of the last shutdown, sneeze shields were in hot demand. Organizations from industries ranging from education to healthcare to finance were calling our office, seeking some type of clear panel containment system that would block airborne droplets carried by coughing and sneezing.  Most of these callers had already heard of plexiglass and acrylic sneeze shields that were being used to protect cashiers in point-of-sale transaction areas.  

We experimented briefly with these materials before quickly determining that tempered glass was a superior substance. We also realized that we could develop a much better design than those being sold by competitors, so we rapidly moved into manufacturing our own CPCS panels and selling them directly on the open market.  

Cubiture CPCS sneeze shields measure ¼ inches thick-far thicker than most competing alternatives.  While material thickness has no impact on a panel’s protection factor, a thicker glass pane nonetheless offers several advantages over acrylic and plexiglass.  The heavier CPCS system by Cubiture weighs enough to balance securely on its own weight. The assembly features either an L-Shape or a 3-panel enclosure, depending on the type of workstation it fits. 

Thinner sneeze shields weigh less and have to be fastened with screws to desk surfaces and tabletops. Companies may not be thinking about the resale value of office furniture now, but when the COVID crisis passes, most will regret scarring their furniture when better alternatives were available.  Tempered glass sneeze shields offer a greater level of safety.

Tempered glass is hard, so it is very hard to break a ¼ inch pane without deliberate effort. Many of our readers may already be aware of the fact that tempered glass is used to make vehicle windshields to protect drivers from flying glass shards in the end When a sufficient force is able to break tempered glass, the pane shatters into small beads with rounded edges, minimizing the risks of cuts.

Plastic derivatives, although difficult to shatter, will break into very sharp pieces if they are hit with sufficient force and can cut just as deeply as glass.  Cubiture CPCS sneeze shields also offer the advantage of portability and reconfigurability.  While heavy enough to sit on a desk or table securely, they are not too heavy for the average office worker to pick up and safely move to another workstation.  

If there is another shut down due to recent rises in reported COVID-19 cases, office managers may want to store their sneeze shields while the office is closed.  This would make it easier to give everything a thorough cleaning upon return so that a return to normal happens as quickly as possible. 

The individual glass panes that make up our Cubiture sneeze shields are sealed together with a powerful industrial adhesive that will not pull apart.  The CPCS comes in both framed glass and frameless glass, depending on user preference.  Honestly, both versions contribute an exceptional aesthetic complement to the surrounding office environment because the glass is crystal clear and easy to clean with any standard window cleaner.  

Interested callers should request a space plan drawing (offered at no cost to potential customers) to see which version will look better with their particular style of office interior decor.  Call Jerry now to get a free quote and design drawing.  

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