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Hospital Waiting Room Furniture
October 8, 2019
Hospital Waiting Room Furniture

Healthcare waiting room furniture is needed in hospitals, doctor’s officesmedical clinics, dispensaries or in any business that might have more than one person waiting at a time, and the means of assisting those patients might take more than just a couple minutes. There are some basic features in medical waiting room furniture.

Waiting room furniture can be single chairs, or it can be sections of furniture that will hold many people at one time. A single chair takes up more room than a piece of furniture that allows for several people to be seated on the same item. The dimension of your waiting room will decide which of these types of seats will be most helpful in the room.

Medical waiting room furniture almost never has cloth covers. Cloth-covered seats are more comfortable to sit on than the plastic covered chairs. The difficulty with cloth covers is that they harbor germs, they become soiled quickly, they can be torn, and are hard to keep clean. The plastic covering can be cleaned easily, they can be wiped with a cloth and some soapy water, and they remain good-looking longer. Cloth-covered seats would be nice in a waiting room, but they would promptly start to look bad, and smell bad. Plastic covers are the best choice.

Waiting room chairs are usually fastened to the floor. The anchoring of the seats to the floor of the waiting room helps to avert injuries. When seating is anchored in place it is also very hard for someone to use it as a weapon, or to injure someone. Waiting room chairs almost never have detachable cushions. Movable cushions would mean additional work in maintaining the waiting areas.

Waiting room chairs are intended to hold people who weigh 250 pounds or less. Some areas will include one or two bariatric chairs that will hold somebody who weighs more than 250 lbs.

Waiting room seating can share a basic framework. Medical seating that share a common framework will provide for more chairs to be placed in one area. Many people refer to this type of seating arrangement as row seating. Waiting room seating may or may not have armrests and can be ordered to have cushions on them, and they could be plain seats with no cushions.

Most waiting room seating is done in dark colors so that they resist stains. When buying individual seating, try to choose furniture that will look good for as long as possible.

All waiting room chairs will be placed so that the people have an easier time getting up when it is their turn to be served. This is not always helpful to discussions between the people in the waiting area, but it makes it easier on the people when they have to move around inside the room.

Our smart, customizable waiting room furniture for healthcare facilities is purpose-built for the unique needs of hospitals, medical complexes, and other similar settings. From waiting rooms, lobbies and public spaces to patient rooms and staff areas, our waiting room furniture is practical, comfortable and long-lasting.

Cubiture’s waiting room furniture is fashionable, customizable, and includes patented additions that extend the life of your furniture even in busy, heavy use conditions. Thanks to cushions, replaceable parts, and materials that can be quickly cleaned and sanitized, our products help organizations reduce costs and extend the life of their purchase.

As a true partner who understands the unique needs of healthcare organizations, we look forward to helping you design, specify, customize and install your next medical furniture order.

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