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Professional Cubicle Refurbishing Makes Cubicles As Good As New
November 10, 2017
Commercial Cubicle Refurbishing In Houston, Texas

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Jerry Mogyorody does a great deal more than simply own  Jerry plays an active role in every aspect of our company.  In addition to consistently leading the way in space planning, cubicle design, sales, and office relocation, Jerry is our premier cubicle refurbishing expert.  This is no accident.  Jerry's passion for customer service led him to develop Cubiture as a turnkey service center for workstation design and installation.  He wanted the company to do more than simply sell office cubicles.  He wanted Cubiture to develop real-world solutions for Houston companies of all sizes.

For this reason, Jerry invested heavily in warehouse and factory space of his own.  He did not want to limit his customers to options found only in catalogs.  He also wanted to minimize lead times for customers who needed cubicle installation as soon as possible.  By establishing his own cubicle refurbishing center in Northwest Houston, Jerry liberated his customer base from dependency on distributors and freight companies.  He developed a turnkey system that continues to generate success to this day.  This system focuses on personalized workflow solutions developed around each customer's specific requirements.  With his own fleet of trucks, Jerry is able to deliver solutions in turnaround times that outpace even the fastest dealers and freight delivery services.

Unlike many custom solutions that cost more, Jerry's cubicle refurbishing programs actually cost less.  This is because the efficiency of his system enables his team to create solutions so quickly that man-hour costs are considerably lower than those of his competitors.  Jerry will drive to your office, discuss your options in colors, materials, and accessories, and give you an estimate right on the spot.  Once you authorize the project, his team will load your cubicles onto trucks and drive them right to our factory in Northwest Houston.  The team immediately gets to work on refitting your cubicles with new surfaces for panels and desks.  They repair frames for greater stability, and they secure all storage compartments and file systems with new locks.

Jerry wants every customer to experience a comfortable, positive work environment.  His system of cubicle refurbishing involves more than just making old workstations look new.  Workstations must also provide employees with ergonomic support so they can better focus on their tasks.  By equipping cubicles with better seating options, and with accessories that better consolidate work and storage space, Jerry can improve not only the way an office looks but the way it actually functions.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford new cubicles, call Jerry now for cubicle refurbishing.  Chances are your cubicles will look so new in the end that only an expert like Jerry will be able to tell they aren't brand new.  The process is customer friendly, fast, and–most importantly–affordable for any company in Houston.

Cubicle Refurbishing In Houston
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