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May 13, 2019

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Whether you work strictly from home or you have an office away from the office, fitted office furniture is can be an excellent idea for that study area in your house. Despite having more personal freedom, there are still many needs that you might share with your office-bound counterparts. Cubiture is the perfect company to bring you just what you need for you to be at your most productive day in and day out, no matter where your office.

There are many times that pre-manufactured office furniture chosen from a catalog is a suitable solution for your workspace, and as a distributor for over 500 manufacturers worldwide, Cubiture can bring just what you need to your office setting. However, as a manufacturer as well, we offer a second way for you to furnish your workspace and that’s with fitted office furniture.

This is furniture that is custom-built from a variety of possible materials and methods to bring you a product that’s unique to your particular office workspace and based on your personal specifications. This option makes the possibilities for outfitting your workspace virtually limitless.

Due to its bespoke nature, fitted office furniture may sound out of one’s price range, but Cubiture prides itself on the ability to bring customers just what they need while coming in under their budget. The reason for this is the expansive supply chain that our founder and President Jerry have established, in which Cubiture has access to literally thousands of types of materials that can be sourced at competitive prices.

Between having our own fabrication center in Northwest Houston and owning our very own fleet of trucks, we can cut out the middle man as we build your fitted office furniture to spec, along with transporting and installing it. This brings you the kind of savings and overall value that you’re just not likely to get with our competitors.

Compared to furniture chosen from a manufacturer’s catalog, fitted office furniture could be more beneficial if you work from home. Part of this is due to the physical parameters of your office space. A commercial space is more expansive compared to a private domestic space. A generic, pre-manufactured, all-in-one cubicle can work in a much larger office space with little negative effect on its surroundings.

However, using the same bulky workstation in a smaller home study can be much less efficient, as well as much less visually appealing. Unlike with fitted office furniture that responds to its physical context, you’re more likely to run into the problem of blocking important features of the room, such as windows, doors, and power outlets. This can be said of any large piece of office furniture chosen from a catalog, not just unwieldy cubicles.

Another benefit of fitted office furniture is that it can work better with your space in terms of size. If you’ve been in a small room with large furniture, you may get that feeling that something is “off” or plain uncomfortable. Worse than giving the appearance of a cramped room is the actual feeling of being cramped.

If you have bulky furniture in a small space, you might have to walk carefully and even squeeze past some furnishings to get from point A to point B. With fitted office furniture, you create a work area whose scale can harmonize proportionately with that of the elements occupying it.

Creating a work/study space to the tune of your specific needs means that fitted office furniture can work for you and on your own terms. Often this can be done with an office furniture set, in which the tasks of your workday are supported across a range of different pieces of furniture. The above image offers a great example of fitted office furniture set for the home. Solid wood is a very common choice for a lot of home office furniture sets.

The look of wood matches the natural warmth of the home itself, and usually darker finishes can impart a sense of sophistication and tradition. You can balance the austerity or lightness of your look with how heavy your pieces are, along with how ornate the decorative accents of the paneling and pulls.

Your fitted office furniture set can find an interesting middle ground with light, simply-designed pieces that feature traditional flourishes—partial overlay drawers and doors with decorative glass inserts, light edge trim, and wainscoting, and hanging pulls can all add touches of depth to your set.

The work surface is naturally the centerpiece of your home office, since it’s where the bulk of your work is done, whether with the use of a laptop or through the management of paper documents. If you go back and forth between both modes of work, you can forego a traditional, rectangular desk for one that makes use of multiple surfaces, such as one shaped as an “L” or a “U.”

This particular piece of fitted office furniture can include all types of storage elements, including cubby holes, cupboards, drawers, open shelves, and a retractable keyboard tray. If you’re looking to keep your desk simple with only four supports and a work surface, adding a credenza or pedestal desk with storage features can be an important addition to your work area.

This not only gives you an extra work surface but allows you to have much-needed space for documents, office supplies, and other items. It can even be integrated with the second surface or an L-shaped configuration or the third surface of a U-shaped configuration.

A hutch can enhance your fitted office furniture by standing over your credenza or desk as overhead storage that won’t suck up precious floor space. It can feature open or closed shelving, or both. The space in between your credenza and hutch can accommodate different pieces of office equipment, such as a computer and a phone. This can help your primary work surface clear for paperwork or as an interface between you and visitors or clients.

Another important element of fitted office furniture is the variety of case goods and secondary storage pieces you can specify to match your other pieces. A closed cabinet or open shelving can add a nice touch to the room, or opt for a chest of drawers to act as a lateral filing system with the top surface saved for a copier/printer/fax machine.

Deciding on a fitted office furniture set gives you a well-balanced workspace that makes the most of otherwise awkward dead space while working perfectly with windows and other room features. You’ll be able to feel the harmony in your home office.

Cubiture prides itself on its ability to deliver fitted office furniture just the way you want it to make your home office as comfortable as possible. Give us a call for a free consultation to determine the right elements and look to your set, as well as to inquire on our free office layout design services for the best match between your office space and your fitted office furniture. With every order, you place you can also expect free shipping from us. Call Cubiture today!

Call 713-412-0900 for a free office design layout

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