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December 4, 2019

The open-concept office furniture creates a workspace free of dividing walls has taken off in the United States over the last decade and spread from tech startups to more established industries like media and advertising agencies. Research done on how good the design is for business is mixed. The study showed open office environment does foster collaboration, it also can decrease productivity.

Of course, open office furniture can also be used in traditional offices as well.  Cubicle open concept clusters like the above image can be used for research and development, engineering, and even newspaper companies who divide projects into individual assignments that are completed by specific members of each team. 

The open concept ensures responsibility without anyone feeling crowded or micromanaged. Studies have confirmed that people do better when they have their own private space, but keeping that space open to the rest of the group also helps collaboration and position corporate identity above personal ego and builds a stronger bond between professionals whose success depends on one another

Cubiture is an office furniture manufacturing company that offers a new wave office design says that companies should consider moving towards a hybrid office. Next-generation office layouts combined private offices, cubicle banks, open floor plans as well as communal areas and soundproof rooms for employees can go to get some peace and quiet while they work. 

Call Cubiture today and ask to speak with Jerry.  He can help you design an open concept or hybrid office design for any type of business.  His expertise in space planning will also help you better utilize your existing square footage so you can manage future growth from a position of focused control. Contact us today.

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