Covid-19 Mobile Screening Station And Lab Tables

May 12, 2020

Given the current state of affairs- We manufacture chemical resistant lab tables, specifically per CDC bleach sanitizing guidelines, for our hospital and lab customers battling COVID-19 as well as retail companies implementing plans to bring employees back to their facilities. We are providing expedited manufacturing and running these products at near cost. Should your needs expand to this type of furniture, I offer our assistance.

Discount COVID 19 HOSPITAL LAB TABLES For Sale Factory Direct With FREE ShippingQuick summary:

  • Chemical Resistant Tables – COVID-19 is causing (2) significant issues- available space and keeping spaces clean. Hospitals and labs are scrambling to convert anything into functional space to do everything a well-planned environment can do, however, do it faster, cheaper, and cleaner. With that said, we’re running these tables non-stop because they are quickly deployable to handle everything from data entry to COVID-19 testing to structurally supporting blood analysis machines and autoclaves. Because they can easily support 1,400 pounds, the customer gets a wide range of uses. When it comes to keeping things clean (this is key) the CDC explains there is a significant difference to cleaning and disinfecting and the chemicals to be used in both situations. COVID-19 means disinfecting, hence the unavailability of bleach-based cleaning products. These tables have a stainless-steel surface and chemical resistant powder coat that allow for cleaning and disinfecting. This is a major requirement for the temporary and overflow areas that are being set up around the country. Additional details-
    • Manufactured in (1) size: 58” Length x 24” Depth x 36” Height
    • Fully assembled, all-welded. Available in any quantity.
    • Custom sizes always available, however, higher prices and longer lead times.

OVID-19 MOBILE SCREENING INTAKE STATIONMobile Screening & Intake Station – These are being used in a number of ways given the new reality hospitals, employers, and schools are operating within. As an overflow intake station, the operator can interview patients or employees and still have a mobile work area for laptops, power, gloves, etc. The acrylic shields provide “face-to-face” protection from people in close proximity. These units can also be deployed as a mobile testing unit for organizations using parking lots and drive-thru locations. Lastly, employers are now finding themselves having to screen employees for fever prior to entering into an open facility. Case in point, we are open and manufacturing under an essential business designation given our work for the US Government and hospital laboratories. Essential businesses that are open have a new host of daily screening and logs to maintain with employees entering a facility. Everyone is woefully unprepared for where to actually “do” screening, let alone how. Additional details-

    • Price includes everything in the PDF- casters, glovebox, power strip, and face shields
    • Choice of 12 colors included


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