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June 17, 2019


You may be the perfect candidate to purchase wholesale office furniture from Cubiture. Do you run a branch of a large corporation? Have you just formed a startup and are ready to make major investments in office furniture and supplies? At Cubiture, we accommodate businesses of all kinds and sizes, whether it’s in a larger retail setting or a more intimate domestic one, by making it easy and much cheaper for you to make large, bulk purchases.

There might be any number of reasons to buy large quantities of wholesale office furniture at once. It may be the first time you’re buying office furniture for your company, or you may have made such a purchase before and you’re looking to give your office a makeover. Perhaps you’re looking to rebrand your company, or just to realign yourself with a larger company that is. Do you feel like your employees could be more productive and healthier through the use of ergonomic? Wholesale office furniture helps you make these major changes to your company.

You can get more for less with wholesale office furniture, whether you’re purchasing cubicles, desks, chairs, various case goods and other pieces. Still, it’s important to choose the right furniture for your setting. Tasteful, stylish furniture can grant your environment a visual appeal that won’t go unnoticed by employee and visitor alike, while also representing your company culture and workflow.

This is a characteristic that can make a positive impression on visitors, especially important clients that are exposed to your area of operation. Good looks can come in many forms, including more sophisticated traditional furniture as well as more innovative contemporary furniture. Consistency is also key, so it would pay to reduce cost by buying wholesale office furniture in bulk.

Taking advantage of our wholesale office furniture is a great way to bring your visions to life through original pieces that can be specified by you for a responsive to your office space. Cubiture owns its own Houston factory, which is designed for custom-building, repair and refurbishment as well. Is there a certain piece that you’ve wanted designed for you and your employees? We can build our furniture to your specifications, even using a picture, in our fully-operational fabrication facility.

Additionally, the fact that we have our own trucks means that we cut out the middle man as we deliver wholesale office furniture to your office, no matter where in the lower 48 states it happens to be located. We don’t just stop there. We also offer free installation services, where we make sure to work with your building manager to find the perfect, least invasive way to help set up your shop.

There are a lot of companies out there that will buff up what they expect you to pay, based on the inclusion of markups as well as shipping costs, but we’re not here to make things more difficult as you’re already making the major decision to buy furniture for your office space. That’s why the convenience of purchasing wholesale office furniture from Cubiture ensures that you can move quickly to keep your operations running smoothly and on-schedule.

There are many employees that you may need to purchase for, so placing large bulk orders of any kind of furniture that you might need can take a good bit off the price you pay for each piece if you were to buy separately. When you buy your furniture factory direct, expect the prices to be akin to those that a furniture would pay if they were to have a wholesaler’s license. You can avoid markup on each individual item of furniture altogether. With the free shipping we offer, that saves you quite a bit of money on wholesale office furniture. In fact, your savings can funnel back into your purchase by specifying additional furniture or features, such as ergonomic office chairs or additional lateral files or overhead storage elements.

Our wholesale office furniture can take on any style, shape, or form. We carry modern furniture that gives your workstations a no-fuss, tidy appearance as you and your employees make it through the workday. Some of our contemporary workstations are comprised of many beautiful elements such as wood finishes for a warm touch as well as clean lines and minimalist storage features.

An L-shaped desk can break away from the linear cabinet and overhead storage system that can work well along the walls of your office. Open shelving that floats over a small file drawer unit can anchor one end of the workstation, displaying not just decorative items but overflow books and manuals as well. The lack of hardware at drawers or overhead cabinets can accentuate the strong lines that make the pictured workstation beautiful in its simplicity. Include an ergonomic chair as part of your wholesale office furniture, so that your employees stay comfortable throughout their work day.

When you’re getting ready for your next large purchase, Cubiture has you covered. Purchasing our wholesale office furniture will help keep costs low during those crucial investments in your business. You can also expect a high degree of value through quality construction and help every step of the way, from space planning to moving and installation services. Don’t forget our free shipping with every order that you place with us. Give Cubiture a call today to find out more!

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