Quickly Ready your Workplace to Meet COVID-19 Safety Standards

Quickly Ready your Workplace to Meet COVID-19 Safety Standards
January 15, 2021

With many companies going back to the office this year, COVID safety is front and center in everyone’s thoughts.  There are many steps a business must take to protect its employees.  Employees must continue to wear masks and practice social distancing.  Anyone sitting at an unshielded desk is vulnerable if someone approaches without a mask.  Additionally, many traditional office cubicles only partially protect seated workers. To alleviate these concerns, Cubiture develops replacement and modification solutions that are both unique and affordable to organizations of all sizes.  

What are the current concerns?
One of the biggest issues with many office cubicles is low panel height.  Before the pandemic began, some companies preferred lower cubicle panels.  They contribute a contemporary appeal to office décor and permit an abundance of light to fill workstation interiors, in addition to fostering open communication across teams.  Now, however, these panels present transmission issues and need to be replaced with taller models.  Every person has a “breathing zone” that extends 12 inches in all directions from his or her face.  Individuals sitting at desks with low cubicle dividers can still spread germs.  Installing panels that stand at least 6 feet high helps to reduce this risk.

Cubiture offers many options to make these replacements affordable.  One popular method is to use refurbished office cubicles that have been completely reconditioned and look practically brand new.  The cost of used cubicles—even those that have been completely reconditioned—is far lower than that of new cubicles.  Another option is to install DIY cubicle panels that measure at least 6 feet in height.  The advantage of using DIY panels is two-fold: First, they are very affordable, second, they do not require permanent attachment to desks.  Employees can position their panels themselves for maximum safety and comfort.  

Cubiture has dividers for corners, single panels, folding units, and accordion-style partitions.  All these options represent a range of choices that meet budgets and COVID-19 office safety guidelines.

What to look for in COVID Safe Office Solutions:
Office cubicle desks should be ergonomic and compact.  This enables your workspace to position workstations them at least 6 feet apart.  Ironically, Cubiture was already building cubicles like this before the pandemic began.  We are always on the cutting edge of ergonomics since we opened our doors, and we always look for solutions to create desking systems and seating solutions placing everything within easy reach of the employee.  

In addition to offering traditional, rectangular desks, we also build curved desks that wrap comfortably around the body.  To prevent feelings of confinement, we integrate glass or polycarbonate into cubicle panels so natural light can fill the interior.  

Why Choose Cubiture?
Our options are well within budget for any organization.  Cubiture has a supply chain that few companies can match.  In addition to working with over 400 office furniture manufacturers, we own our own factory.  We have the capability of building any type of office furniture or cubicle custom that an organization requires.  By choosing affordable materials, we can build custom cubicles at surprisingly lower cost, and we have experts in space optimization to ensure your design layout uses your space appropriately. 

Finally, Cubiture lowers replacement costs significantly by modifying your existing office furniture whenever possible.  Standard desks can be fitted with tempered glass safety shields that surround the occupant on 3 sides.  This means that everything from your reception center to executive desks can be modified for COVID-19 office safety without drilling a single hole in the wood.  Our cough shields balance under their own weight without the need for special hardware, and they can be removed and recycled when no longer needed.

While adapting office cubicles and desks to COVID safety may appear daunting, it doesn’t have to be with Cubiture.  Our experts specialize in this type of work.  Every project begins with a conversation and a free office layout design drawing.  This drawing will show the position of all office cubicles and desks, along with any modifications necessary to optimize the workplace for employee health and safety.  Why not take advantage of this complimentary service by calling now?  We are ready to help you.

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