Moveable Glass Walls to Modernize and Improve Your Office

Moveable Glass Walls to Modernize and Improve Your Office
June 9, 2021

Moveable Glass Walls: What You Need to Know

Cubiture is devoted to customizing office furniture and office cubicle design. We create innovative office design layouts that truly complement workflow requirements and personal employee needs at every stage of the business process. For instance, our moveable glass walls are a flexible and functional office space solution that allows you to seamlessly transition according to your needs.

As offices reopen and employees return to in-person work, Cubiture glass partition systems are especially useful in making the transition as easy as possible. But beyond combating the spread of COVID-19, the benefits of moveable glass walls are many and varied, keeping in mind all of your most important workspace concerns, from aesthetic design to noise reduction and privacy.


Beautiful and Stylish Modern Office Design

At Cubiture, we balance aesthetics and functionality in every movable glass wall design. The stylish glass and stainless steel elevate the feel of your office and make a sophisticated, welcoming first impression on clients who visit your workspace. The aesthetics of glass are contemporary, sleek, and clean, reflecting a modern and innovative approach to business.


Office Design and Natural Light

Moving glass walls also partition your workspace without sacrificing the health benefits of natural light. Dark and claustrophobic office spaces stifle productivity and negatively affect the mood of an entire office. Here are some of the benefits of natural light.


  • Natural sunlight has been shown to counteract the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression, especially during the autumn and winter months.
  • Natural light has been shown to improve sleep patterns. Office workers that receive more natural light exposure may sleep better.
  • Natural light sources reduce your office's reliance on artificial lighting, which can be harsh, glaring, and unflattering. Fluorescent light bulbs can cause eye strain leading to fatigue and headaches. Especially if your employees can't avoid computer screen time throughout their day, natural light will help mitigate their artificial light exposure.


Improve employees‘ mental and physical wellbeing AND their productivity in one go. Turn your office into a light, bright, and uplifting space where your business is sure to thrive.


Innovative Design Solitons for Privacy

Open-concept offices energize your staff and promote cohesive teamwork. But how do you handle sensitive client meetings and collaborations when confidentiality is of the utmost importance? What happens when employees need privacy and quiet in order to perform a task most effectively?

Privacy is a highly valuable asset in any workplace, and this is where our products come into play. Our cubicles, room dividers, and sliding glass walls are the perfect innovative solution for any privacy pain point or concern. Privacy in the workplace is essential.


  • Ideas develop privately before they are taken to the group as a whole. Privacy allows new ideas to incubate and be perfected before they move into the larger workplace setting.
  • Privacy allows workers to focus. While some tasks require collaborative input, others call for the deep concentration and undiluted attention that privacy provides.
  • Feedback from others inspires creativity, but that's only half the story. Private time for reflection and consideration is equally necessary to bring out the creativity in your employees.
  • When you lack privacy, you may feel that you lack control and autonomy. Research suggests that employees who feel they have more choice in the workplace feel more engaged in their work.


This is where glass wall systems have the open-concept beat. Folding and sliding glass panels allow Cubiture customers to transition between open and private modes smoothly. Easily reduce distractions and create privacy whenever you need it most.

Larger Office Spaces and the Big Picture

During the pandemic, businesses across the world have shown incredible resilience in the face of unimaginable obstacles. Some have even managed to grow over the past year and a half. For those returning to in-person work, traditional spaces that worked adequately before may now feel cramped and constricted.

When you can't see and interact with your co-workers, it's easy to get bogged down and feel unnecessarily siloed. Moveable glass walls make offices appear larger. Enlarged and expanded spaces send a strong, motivating subliminal message of inclusion and encourage colleagues to see “the big picture,” contextualizing their individual tasks within the team's larger goals.


Improved Communication and Collaboration

Transparent office design speaks to your business's commitment to trustworthy practice, honesty, and open communication. If your office space is one that your clients and customers visit, movable glass walls will build their confidence in conducting business with you. This is just as important for internal relationships as it is for the external relationships that your company operates with its clients.

Glass partitions also inspire your employees to work as a cohesive team and promote collaboration by making communication simple and unobtrusive. Especially after experiencing the isolation of remote work and lockdown, the sense of togetherness, team spirit, and partnership that moveable glass walls convey will be an invaluable boost to morale and productivity


Create Instant Conference Rooms with Contemporary Office Design

Conference rooms are a necessary part of any office infrastructure, but conference rooms are often a form of wasted space in traditional workplaces. They take up much-needed room but go unused most of the time, serving little purpose outside of meetings. Moveable glass walls make the most of conference rooms, turning dead space into functional flexible space. When you need to gather, simply shift, slide, open, or close moveable walls to instantly create a conference space.

Reduce Noise with a Creative Office Space

Any customer who has ever apologized during a Zoom meeting or a phone call for a barking dog, a crying baby, or a neighbor practicing piano will understand how frustrating background chatter can be. Even general office chatter and ambient noise can interrupt workflow. And a noisy workspace isn't just annoying. It's harmful to effectiveness and can seriously negatively impact our working lives.

Studies have shown that too much noise can increase stress, lowering job satisfaction and workplace morale. Don't let sensory overload negatively impact productivity in your office.

Moveable glass walls reduce noise by creating barriers that dull sound. Plus, the flexibility of moveable walls combined with Cubiture's smart design expertise allows you to get innovative with your layout, separating groups from each other and other sources of noise in the office, like printers and breakrooms. Moveable glass walls go a long way to creating harmonious workspaces, letting Cubiture customers focus on what's most important.


Moveable Glass Walls and Health and Safety

As the world begins to transition out of shutdown and into the “new normal,” we are all mindful of the need to reduce the threat of coronavirus as much as we can.

Cubiture knows that our customers highly prioritize the health and wellbeing of their employees and clients. We take this responsibility as seriously as you do. You may feel that traditional office designs force you to choose between safety and productivity, a choice employers should never have to make. We are ready to provide businesses with functional and flexible solutions to the problems that newly reopened offices face.


COVID-19 Sneeze Guards

During your business day, there may be times when social distancing is not practical or possible. For these situations, Cubiture also offers countertop screens that act as COVID-19 sneeze guards. These transparent barriers are designed to prevent viral transmission between public-facing employees and clients or between employees sharing workstations. They provide complete visibility while blocking the airborne transfer of viral particles from person to person.

Countertop sneeze guard screens are available in single and tri-fold formats, and they come with window options so that items can be safely passed back and forth. Finally, glass partitions are easy to clean: just wipe them down as often as you need. Work confidently and hygienically with countertop screens in place.


Prevent the Spread of Germs with Glass Cubicle Walls

Moveable glass walls give employers, employees, and clients much-needed confidence and peace of mind in a post-COVID world. With transparent solid barriers in place that prevent the spread of germs, your staff will be able to interact with each other closely while mitigating the risk of contagion. They make it easy to partition workspaces according to your guidelines of social distancing. From COVID-19 to common colds, keep your working environment sanitary and safe with moveable glass walls.


Easy Upkeep and Maintenance

Cubiture's products are durable, easy to clean, and ready to stand the test of workplace wear and tear. Plus, Cubiture is there every step of the way, from installation to ongoing repair and maintenance services.

To prepare for the damage that may occur, we provide different maintenance packages. Basic maintenance can be performed onsite in the office. Our team will handle pickup and transportation for any damaged products covered by your agreement for more complex repairs.


Cubicle System Customization and Installation

Cubiture knows one size doesn't fit all, and that's why we take a collaborative approach with our customers. We're the experts, but we begin by listening to your ideas in order to create appropriate designs that meet your specific needs. With a detailed understanding of your industry and business model, we create a turn-key solution that reflects your corporate culture and physical office environment. Whether your workplace is a hive of activity or needs room to grow, we have a customized solution for you.


Is Your Space Working for You?

Schedule a free discovery call with one of our design experts to discuss our moveable glass wall solutions. Learn more about our offerings and how they may fit into your workspace. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service: you'll receive a fast turnaround time with the right personalized solution for you at the right time.

Cubiture is here to answer your questions and help your office reach its full potential!





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Moveable Glass Walls to Modernize and Improve Your Office
Moveable glass walls are a flexible and functional office space solution that allows seamless transition according to your business needs.

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