Encouraging Employee Collaboration with Conference Tables

modern conference room table with chairs
June 16, 2022

Are you looking to encourage employee collaboration in your office space? Well, now is the best time for a conference room upgrade! Employee collaboration starts with dedicated spaces for innovation and community. When it comes to encouraging employee collaboration, few things work better than a conference table. Conference rooms provide the perfect setting for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other collaborative activities.  

So, if you are looking to create an environment that fosters teamwork and productivity, a conference room table is the best option. Let's explore some of the best conference tables on the market today.  

To get started, assess your current conference space to see if it meets the needs of your team. If not, consider investing in a new conference room table. This change will make a world of difference for your team.  

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Conference Room Table  

The Number of Employees  

  • Consider the size of your team and the space you have available. You will want to select a conference room table that is large enough to comfortably seat your team. If you have a small team, then it is best to select a table that isn’t too big so that the team isn’t spaced out as much. This will result in unnecessary distance and will not be comfortable for employees. However, a larger team will need more space at a conference table. 
  • If you have a team of 15 people, then consider a table that fits 20 people. This way everyone has enough room, and you can provide an extra seat if there is a guest attending your business meeting. Additionally, always make sure you have the right number of chairs that will fit comfortably around the table as well.   So, when looking to find the right size, keep in mind the size of your team and the size of the meeting room. 

Different Shapes of Conference Tables  

Think about the shape of the table. Conference room tables come in all shapes and sizes. It is best to select a table that is the right shape for your team. Let’s take a look at some of the most common shapes that are used for conference tables.  

  • Round  
    • A round table promotes a sense of unity and teamwork. This is also a great option if you have a small team. Also, a round table can be used as a place for employees to collaborate and brainstorm ideas on different projects.  
  • Rectangular  
    • This is the most traditional shape of a conference room table. This shape allows you the opportunity to have a seat at the head of the table which identifies the leader of a business. Rectangular tables are mostly used in executive settings rather than a place to brainstorm ideas.  
  • Boat  
    • A very elegant table that is also very unique is boat shaped. This type of table provides a comfortable setting as it is more spacious under the table providing extra leg room. Boat shaped come in different sizes and are great for both large and small teams.  
  • Modular  
    • Modular conference tables have the flexibility to change in different shapes and sizes. While it offers a modern look, there are foldable features that you can add or remove a part of the table. This allows you to adjust the size based on how many people will be attending a meeting. Modular tables have a modern look and you can even add wheels that will allow you to easily move around the office if necessary. 

Technology and Organization  

Make a list of all the desired features that you want included in the table. Conference room tables come with all sorts of features that can make your meetings really convenient. So, you will want to have a list of the features that are important to you and your team. Some of the most popular options include power outlets, USB ports, HDMI, and wireless charging stations.  

  • These extra features of technology can be added to a conference table in different ways. If you don’t want them to be out in the open, then you can consider a function that pops up out of the table. This way the unit that provides the ports is not constantly in the way. It is simple and discreet, especially if you need to charge or connect a device for a presentation. 
  • If there are 10 team members with laptops at one conference table, it can get messy with cords and chargers on the table. The best way to keep a conference table clear of cords and wires is by running them inside the base of the table.   
  • You should always plan ahead when designing essential parts of power sources that you want included for your conference table. As a result, you will know exactly where cords and wires will run, so you don’t find yourself trying to tape them down. That will only make it look unprofessional and disorganized.  

New Versus Used Conference Tables  

When it comes to conference room tables, you have two options: new or used. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.  

If you are considering purchasing a new table, then you need to know it will be more expensive than a used one. New conference room tables are made with high-quality materials that last for years. They also come with all of the latest features, such as data ports and wireless charging. You also have the opportunity to customize all features, as you can create a design that will fulfil your business needs.  

Used conference room tables are a great option if you are on a tight budget. Used conference room tables can be just as good as new ones, but at a fraction of the price. However, they may not come with all of the latest features. This can also be a great option, as a way to check what works for your office space without investing a lot of money upfront.  

Choosing the Right Conference Room Table  

Think of how often your team meets, how often people need to collaborate, and whether or not your meeting space will be for employees or clients as well. This will be your starting point before purchasing the right table for your office.  

Cubiture Can Help You Shop!  

If you are looking for a conference room table, Cubiture is the place to shop! We offer a wide selection of conference room tables in all shapes, sizes, and styles. We also have a team of experts who can help you create the perfect table for your office space.  

Contact us today to get started shopping for your new or used conference tables for sale. A more collaborative work environment for your employees is just a click away! 

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