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February 4, 2022

Furniture check! What vibe is your business going for, and is your current set-up matching it? Let Cubiture help with all of your business furniture needs. Sure, there are online stores for office furniture and business furniture outlets, but why go searching elsewhere when Cubiture can provide all you need, and do the work for you, too! Our customized packages will optimize your particular office space and we do the delivery and set-up, so that you do not have to. But what is the catch? There is none!  So, changing your office furniture and setting up a new environment for your workspace will increase efficiency and productivity for employees. Let’s drive business up together and revamp your space while doing it.  

Business Furniture

We are diving into the topic of business furniture right away here. It is easy to think about more common items first, right? Just like the following:  

  • Chairs/Seating 
  • Desks 
  • Workplace surfaces – tables, counters 
  • Kitchen space 
  • Waiting areas/reception 
  • Bathroom access  
  • Cubicles/Walls 
  • Filing systems 

Have you also considered the following options below?   

  • Office storage 
  • Lighting 
  • Air quality  
  • Outlet Access 
  • Trash and recycling 
  • Sinks 
  • Noise  
  • Distractions 
  • Outdoor access 
  • Privacy 
  • Shared spaces 

While not all of the above items are necessarily “business furniture,” they do all collectively make up a workspace and thus directly impact employee efficiency and productivity. Here at Cubiture we think about all of these things in combination with their functionality and ergonomics to make your office space needs a reality. You might be able to find discount office furniture online, at warehouses, or even outlets, but we do all this and more. Even wholesale office furniture suppliers cannot give you what we provide – our customer service is top notch! 

What Do We Offer?  

Cubiture can meet all your business office needs. We have many competitors in the game who sell office furniture online or through outlets, as well as wholesale office furniture suppliers.  

That is great and all, but we can offer more than just the furniture itself. Here at Cubiture, we guarantee:  

  • Supreme customer service  
  • A free consultation, commitment-free (onsite or virtual, whichever you prefer!) 
  • Furniture (both new and refurbished!) 
  • Affordability for those working within a budget 
  • Efficient use of existing space 
  • Personalized packages designed to fit your office needs  
  • Creative ways to make things fresh for you and your employees 
  • Quick, yet quality service  
  • The option for furniture rentals (and yes, on a month-to-month basis, too!) 
  • In house storage, manufacturing, and refurbishment  
  • Delivery and set-up (and repair!) 
  • Five-year warranty 
  • Your satisfaction and autonomy in every decision we make together  

Now, you may be wondering if upgrading your office furniture is worth the investment, time, and money, and we are here to tell you it is! Changing the atmosphere of where your employees work can help freshen up the space and boost the workplace culture – reinvigorating employee purpose, mood, and thus, productivity. When you invest in your space, you are investing in your business and the people who help run your business.  

What Can You Do?  

First, it is important to note that office layout and design does in fact directly impact employee productivity and efficiency. Now that we have an agreed investment in office workspace design is worthy of an upgrade or revamping, let’s discuss some options you have, both big and small – and don’t forget, we can do it all!  

  • Increase natural lighting  
  • Increase access to space that is easy to move around 
  • Increase options for diverse seating (think exercise balls, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, etc.)  
  • Incorporate personal touches with photos, plants, name tags, top strengths and motivational quotes 
  • Make communal spaces inviting and comfortable  
  • Have dedicated spaces for meeting and collaboration, but also offer access to spaces that feel less “work-like” and more sociable for eating, planning, and taking a mental break  
  • Add cubicles, frosted glass, or dry erase walls 
  • Ensure that individual or private workspaces are truly private (i.e. have a door or is enclosed fully) 
  • Prioritize cleanliness and safety to show your employees you care about their wellbeing (think air purifiers, hand washing or sanitizing stations, ease in social distancing, multiple HVAC systems, etc.) 
  • Up your storage game (overhead or under counter, too!)  
  • Increase access to charging outlets – especially in meeting or conference spaces  
  • Repurpose your current furniture to save on buying new pieces  
  • Remove distractions 

The physical space in your business reflects the culture you want to build or improve upon. If employees are encouraged to collaborate, but have no space to do so (especially in an inviting and comfortable setting), then how do you expect them to actually collaborate with one another? The physical workspace you provide employees with will also reflect the expectations you have of them, so prioritize planning based on how you actually want employees to spend the majority of their work day and time. Also, if your workplace culture and expectations align, then your workspace will be that much more successful and your values can shine through to your employees or clients (if you are a client-facing organization). The future is here and now – meaning employee productivity and workspace efficiency go hand-in-hand with one another.  

A Little More on Employee Productivity  

The science behind booming business is humanity. Employees are human first, so giving them a workspace that treats them as such will in return benefit the organization tremendously. It is no secret that the key to success is happiness, which is true and extends to the business sector, too. So, whether you want to invest in your business or your employees, investing in your office space can help you prioritize both at the same time. Cubiture has you covered.  

A workplace trend in 2022 is centered around the employee – a time where we are now being intentional about change instead of reacting to it, as we have all been doing for the last 2 years. Employee mental health is an increasing priority (thanks COVID!), as well as improving flexibility in workspaces and schedules. Offering spaces like rental work desks or private rooms can make employees feel like they have access to the same perks they do at home (for those who like working from home), and improving collaborative spaces can increase access to the perks of working in-office through interpersonal interactions. Many offices are also transitioning to some sort of hybrid style work, which may mean condensing space usage or improving workspace functionality when a whole team is not working from the same place every day of the work week. In addition, as many companies are returning to in-person interviews, an awe-inspiring workspace can entice and retain talent for years to come.  

While some offices are moving to the inclusion of game rooms, break rooms, or even coffee shops in house, your solution can be more simple and yet still successful. Employees do not want fancy free lunches or to spend their breaks playing games; instead, they want comfort, flexibility, movement, space, and privacy (when needed). In addition to readjusting back to physical offices, technology has an increased presence, so considering this access and how much it is required for your employees to communicate and collaborate should be factored in to the workspace upgrade process.  

 Even if you do just one or two of the above tactics, you are already showing your employees you care about the way in which their space affects their work. Your business comes down to the people who run and maintain operations, and that comes down to where they do it from and how comfortable they are. Investing in your space is investing in your business. Moral of the story? Improve your space today to grow your business tomorrow.  

Cubiture Has What You Need!  

From office furniture to office design, we do it all. Most of our competitors cannot offer the whole package and service we provide, so give us a call or email today. Our motto is maximizing your space to improve and grow your business. Schedule your free consultation now. So, are you still undecided about what it is you want to do with your business furniture to revitalize your space? We got you covered. We will help your organization no matter how your people work – remotely, hybrid, or fully onsite at all times. No challenge is too big or small for us, so let’s make 2022 your best year yet.  

Here at Cubiture, our family-owned business, our goal is to individualize each service specifically to your office needs. We can help you figure out the biggest priority down to the smallest detail. Let us help your business benefit from efficiency, functionality, and productivity 

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