Spring into a New Office Design

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February 24, 2022

There is no better time than spring to freshen up your office design and do some “spring cleaning” to shake up your space! Whether you are seeking new business furniture, fitted office furniture, or even new office designs, Cubiture has you covered! From fitted offices, rentals, cubicles, and more, Cubiture does it all. Delivery and installation, too! Spring cleaning for your workspace can begin with a new office design 

Top Ways to “Spring Clean” Your Space

Just like changing out your seasonal scents, outfits, hairstyles, and even office supplies, spring is the perfect time to change your office color schemes, business office furniture, and office furniture design. Fitted offices typically come furnished and ready to go, whereas empty office spaces need to be filled with functional furniture conducive to the operations of the business and office space. A spring reset can help define your work culture, show off your vibe and determine what you want your employees and/or clients to experience instantly upon entering your space, regardless of where your team works.  Do not be afraid to change things up or try something new. If it is easy to try, it is easy to change again, and even challenging issues that may come up, Cubiture can handle it all! So, rest easy and start planning your clean-out.  

Spring cleaning your office can be as simple as: 

  • Adding indoor plants, tapestries, or artwork  
  • Re-painting for modern, warm, and inviting tones  
  • Rearranging existing furniture  
  • Refurbishing outdated or unusable furniture  
  • Repurposing office spaces for new office needs – i.e., technological access and different working modalities  
  • Renting furniture for seasonal upgrades every season 

Things to Consider Before Spring Cleaning 

  • Your employee demographics – who are they? What do they need? Where are they and where can you meet them?  
  • What are your 2022 and 2023 company goals, and how can an office reset help accomplish them?  
  • Working modalities – how many of your staff will work onsite? Hybrid? Do you have any fully remote? And what about clients or customers you need to meet in person? 
  • What are your cultural/work-life balance expectations of employees? Is the workspace a place for communication and social interaction? Or is it a place where people can expect privacy and autonomy?  
  • What can be a simpler change and what may take more time or resources?  

While the checklist is endless, so are the possibilities. From one minor change to a major change of fitted offices, the autonomy and choice you have for a fresh spring outlet is unbeatable. What are companies doing this spring and in 2022 overall?  

Spring Office Trends 

Let’s talk about spring office trends and why they matter. Did you know that a comfortable working space that continuously meets employee needs can boost their productivity, happiness, and overall success? As a result, when you invest in your workspace, your company can grow endlessly.  

What are the upcoming trends and what can a little spring cleaning do for your office? Let’s take a look into all things office furniture spring 2022: 

  • Flexibility  
  • Collaboration  
  • Comforts of Home  
  • Modernity + Sustainability  

The future of the workforce is here. Even if you are not supporting fully remote or full onsite work, chances are technology now runs a lot of what your business can do and from anywhere. However, because technology is only one piece of the puzzle, determining where you can put modern office furniture to use is essential. Prioritize changing your office furniture so that you can match the dynamic energy to achieve all business goals.  

Flexibility Around the Office   

The leading workplace trend going into 2022 is flexibility –which includes work hours, work styles, communication methods, and physical workspaces. Flexibility can look like shared or rental workspaces, standing desks, doors, movable walls, soundproofing, technological access, ergonomic chairs, and more. Dedicating spaces to reflect flexibility, autonomy, and creativity shows your workers you truly care about each of those adaptable qualities in a work environment 

The Ideal Office Setting for Teamwork 

Perhaps the biggest perk of working at an office is the ease of collaboration and communication between colleagues. However, on the other hand, is your current setup suitable for true collaboration?   Business furniture and office furniture design may seem like small facets of collaborative efforts, but in reality, your office set up can make or break employee working relationships and business efforts. If employee well-being is a priority for your company, something to also keep at the top of your list is business furniture and office furniture design.  They go hand-in-hand when it comes to the long-term success of your company.  

Comforts of Home 

Even employees excited to return onsite to work will need the reminder that they can be comfortable working from an office like they were working from home. Many businesses are still transitioning employees from remote to in-office work. As a result, during this phase, it is critical to instill a sense of “home touch” in the office. This could be accomplished simply by providing flexibility for breaks or establishing a sense of privacy at their desk.  

As remote and hybrid office models gain popularity for working modalities, your office space needs to be inviting enough, so that people actually prefer to work there, and not just for collaboration. So, re-designing your office space to delight workers with their favorite things from home will help win them over for the long-term – and these days employee retention is more important than ever! The comforts of home are no longer just a want in 2022, they are a need, and your employees are expecting their needs to be met within the confines of their workspace.  Another benefit is that the comforts of home can remind employees of safety and security, which is what they want to feel while at the office. So, with the changes over the past two years, employees want to feel that their employers prioritize the health and safety of their workers.  

Modernity & Sustainability  

The topic of modernity is not to be confused with luxury because it is 2022 and things like Internet connection and privacy are no longer a luxury. To encourage flexibility and cooperation while still providing the comforts of home, utilitarian modernity must be at the forefront of every office design and office furniture design. Out with the old and in with the new – clean out the outdated items in your space and replace or refresh them for a modern look. Any modern updating you do should reflect actionable intentions to be sustainable and eco-friendly, as well. We don’t make the rules, we just do our best to help you and your team out for success. 

Everything is Possible with Cubiture  

Cubiture sells a multitude of fitted office furniture, business furniture, and even rental furniture. Additionally, Cubiture can custom tailor office furniture designs for you to meet all your office furniture needs. The options and opportunities are endless. Here at Cubiture, we work by focusing on ergonomics, efficiency, and functionality so that you know your space is being designed and fitted appropriately. You and your team work hard enough as it is, so let’s get springing into a new office space 

Let’s Get Started Today!  

 Spring into action today by scheduling your financially and commitment free consultation. Take advantage of Cubiture’s many services to find what you can do for spring cleaning, and then you can check that off the to-do list until next spring (or even next season, we got your back then, too!).  

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