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Office Cubicle Parts For Sale
October 24, 2017

Office Cubicle Parts For Sale

Cubiture supplies cubicle replacement parts at a fraction of the cost of workstation replacement.  

Some of the more common workstation components that we repair are shown in the infographic above. Many cubicle replacement parts can be installed in your office without disrupting your operations.  However, if the cubicle workstation must be taken to our factory, we will loan you a temporary replacement and handle pickup and delivery free of charge.

Finish Ends
Finish ends are strips attached to the edge of the panel.  They can begin to peel after frequent collisions with objects or chairs.   You don't want to let this continue once it starts because peeling strips will catch on clothing and bags and eventually rip off.

Do not try to glue these strips back to the panel.  Many retail glue brands will leave bubbles under the surface of the strip, making it look worse than it did when it was loose.  Let our professional team replace them with new strips and industrial grade adhesives intended for cubicle repair.

Wing Panels
Wing panels consist of laminate, veneer, or some type of fabric.  After many years of usage, these can become so visibly damaged that management is embarrassed to have guests in that part of the office. Fabric colors can fade, and in some cases, fabrics themselves can tear.  Objects with sharp edges can scratch panel laminates and veneers, making them look years older than they really are.

Cubiture has hundreds of fabric, laminate, and veneer options that can restore your cubicle partitions to near mint condition.

Uneven Desks
Most cubicle desks consist of multiple sections.  Ideally, these sections should remain level with one another so the employee has a smooth, even surface on which to work.  After several years, however, one part of the desk may be higher than another.  This creates an unnerving work environment for many people that can damage productivity because of the constant distraction it creates.

While many people assume that an uneven desk is the result of a warped cubicle frame, it is more commonly the result of damaged cubicle feet supporting the frame.  Replacing these parts will usually correct the problem.

Storage Bins and Drawers
Locks are the most important cubicle replacement parts we supply because they protect belongings as well as company property.  When the mechanism fails, anyone can open a locked drawer or cubicle bin with minimal force.  Broken locks should be replaced immediately.

In some cases, the drawer fails to lock because it does not close all the way.  This indicates that the slide mechanism within the assembly needs to be replaced.  Both locks and drawer slides can be replaced in your office while you work.

So why wait?

More Experienced- Better Results
As a Herman Miller refurbishing & re-manufacturing center, Cubiture stands out from other sources of cubicle repair.  Many cubicle replacement parts are kept in stock in our factory warehouse.  Cubiture stands behind its work with a one-year warranty on all replacement parts and labor.  Some items may carry additional warranty terms based upon their manufacture.  Call us now for quick, affordable, cubicle repair.

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