What are the Best Sneeze Guards for Desks?

Sneeze Guards For Desks For Sale
June 2, 2020

We recommend that you invest in custom sneeze guards for desks.  While there are many different sneeze guards on the market today, most feature dimensions that do not symmetrically fit the typical workstation.  Others have features that office workers typically do not need–such as transaction windows–and offer only limited protection.  For example, standard countertop screens, such as those used in POS transaction areas, only protect the worker from someone who stands directly in front of his or her desk.  By contrast, the Cubiture Clear Panel Containment System (CPCS) offers a great deal more protection for employees seated in a variety of workstation environments.  Not only does our CPCS protect workers from people who stand in the front of their workstations, but it also offers protection on either side.The design is very basic and built with safety on all levels in mind.  Each clear panel containment system consists of three tempered glass panes.  The forward-facing panel is custom cut to fit the front portion of the desk.  The side panels extend backward, offering the employee full protection on either side of his or her workstation.  Each glass panel measures ¼ inches thick and stands either 24 inches or 36 inches above the desktop surface.  Panes are held together by an industrial adhesive that is super strong and nearly impossible to detect at a casual glass.  The outcome of this simple design is both chic and unobtrusive.  

We use tempered glass because accidents can and do happen in offices, as well as occasional acts of vandalism by disgruntled or stressed-out workers.  In the event that the sneeze guard is impacted with sufficient force to break the glass, the entire panel disintegrates like a car window does when shattered in a collision.  However, the thickness of the glass and the strength of our industrial adhesive make it very unlikely that anything short of deliberate vandalism can break these sneeze guards for desks.  

We offer two standard heights that will protect workers in a variety of desking systems and workstations. Sneeze guards for sit-stand desks measure 36 inches in height.  This extra 1 foot of height is necessary to protect seated workers who have set their desks to the lowest possible height.  At the standard height, and when the desk is elevated to the standing position, the CPCS offers more than enough coverage from both sides and anyone approaching the desk from the front.  

Reception desks are fitted with 24-inch panels that provide plenty of height for administrative staff who greet office visitors when they enter the foyer.  Again, the custom side panels minimize possible exposure to any contagions that a person approaching the desk from either end might inadvertently bring into the room.  Depending on the style of the reception center, we can equip it with either a framed sneeze guard or an unframed sneeze guard for maximum aesthetic impact.

Open concept work tables represent another work environment that requires the best possible protection.  Even with social distancing, employees cannot work safely at work tables at this time without some type of barrier around her or his work area.  The Cubiture CPCS, custom made to the dimensions of a specific workstation, provides a transparent barrier that protects employees from airborne contagions but nevertheless allows them to collaborate in various creative or administrative roles.

Call Cubiture now and have one of our space planners draw you a free office layout design that will detail the dimensions and appearance of sneeze guards for your desks. 

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