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June 5, 2018

Have you considered building new offices for a growing executive team? Don't. Instead, invest in glass cubicles for executives custom manufactured for your particular business. Cubiture's space planning and workstation design team can build your management team a suite of personalized work environments that offer specific advantages over traditional offices. Glass panels resemble windows and make a team leader appear more approachable for training, direction, and resources. At the same time, glass partitions establish a definite sense of boundaries between management and staff and create a more disciplined work environment that pure open concept designs allow. The natural sophistication of glass lends an upbeat aesthetic to the environment as well which reinforces a positive can-do, will-do attitude in workers.

Because Cubiture manufactures glass cubicles in its own factory and delivers nationwide with its own fleet of trucks, the cost of glass partitions is partly offset by the elimination of middleman resellers and third party shipping companies. Admittedly something of a higher end material, glass costs can be further marginalized by blending transparent panels with those made from other materials. The workstation above provides a superb example of this blend. You will notice that approximately sixty percent of the panels used in this cubicle are basic, fabric-colored panels. Glass panels are used to create “windows” in the private office that help brighten the interior. The blend of fabric and glass provides a superb buffer against surrounding office noise, and the sliding glass door allows the manager to either invite or deter employees from walking into her office.

There are hundreds of glass panel options available for cubicle construction, and when you blend these panels with other materials such as fabric, wood veneer, and laminate, it becomes possible to design workstations in any conceivable style. Selecting a fine wood veneer will allow you to build glass cubicles for executives that have a very established, traditional look. Cubicles like the one shown in our picture establish a more “transitional” aesthetic that is ideal for a variety of vertical markets that are currently up and coming in the marketplace. Laminate panels blended with glass establish a highly contemporary corporate culture and are preferred by many organizations who see themselves as leading the cutting edge of change.

Because glass is something of a timeless material, its applications are limited only by one's imagination. Do not be afraid that your budget cannot afford glass cubicles for executives on your team. Our space planners will work with you to design a suite of workstations that your budget can easily afford. Additionally, private offices like this are classified by the IRS as office furniture, so tax write-offs will follow in a few years based upon depreciation of value.

A complimentary space plan is always included with your Cubiture quote, and our designers will be more than happy to help you scale the cost of your investment by guiding your selection of materials. Call Cubiture now, and send us a copy of your floor plan to begin working with today.

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