How Cubiture Outperforms Other Office Moving Companies

Office Moving Companies In Houston, Katy, Galveston, The Woodlands & Cypress, Texas
August 16, 2017

There are many office moving companies in Houston, but there is only one Cubiture.

Cubiture has moved businesses all over the United States. As a Houston-based company, however, we are in a unique position to assist local businesses with affordable relocation services. Cubiture stands out from other Houston office movers with turnkey moving, space planning, and configuration services all bundled into a competitive hourly rate that is predictably fixed and agreed upon long before the actual move takes place.

Cubiture's costs are lower because we own our own fleet of trucks and warehouse.

Many office moving companies do not own their own trucks.
These companies operate under a lease agreement with another agency that owns the moving trucks. This rental cost is passed on to the business, often at a significant markup. This alone can inflate the actual cost of the move by as much as 20%. You are effectively paying someone to pay someone else to move you. It's more cost effective, and less complicated if you work with a company that does not have to rely on a third party for transportation or equipment.

Few office moving companies have their own storage facilities.
Almost every office mover will offer storage options for furniture, supplies, and equipment that you do not need at your new location. However, not every moving company has its own storage units. They lease the space from a third party and pass the expenses on to you. This can further inflate your invoice, and it can result in damage to your property if the facility your mover uses si not properly climate controlled.

Our warehouse is designed specifically for office furniture storage. Its advanced climate control system keeps furnishings in pristine condition. If you store any furniture from Cubiture and decide that you do not want it, we can help you sell it for cash.

Almost no office moving companies have trained furniture experts on staff.
Granted, every Houston mover has a team of people who have experience in handling office furniture. However few movers have professionals who routinely build, install, and repair office furniture. Working with Cubiture gives you more office furniture options. You can sell, store, or liquidate furniture that you no longer want. You can also purchase replacement furniture that is either used “as-is”, refurbished, or even brand new.

Call us today at 713-412-0900 for a quote and get a free office space plan for your new location.

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