Office Space Design Ideas for 2021

Office Space Design
January 9, 2021

Many companies had to downsize during the shutdowns of 2020.  The impact of COVID-19 forced organizations to furlough some of their best people.  These companies are still operating with a reduced workforce—most of whom currently work from home.  As business leaders now begin to contemplate returning to the office, many consider moving into smaller commercial suites that will help them save money.  However, they also worry that smaller spaces might make it difficult for workers to observe social distancing and other COVID-19 office safety protocols. 

While safety in small offices may seem difficult, it is by no means impossible.  Cubiture’s office design ideas combine COVID safety, ergonomics, and aesthetics.  We build smaller, more efficient workstations that shield employees from airborne pathogens.  We use a variety of portable walls and cubicle dividers to create safe transit areas, and we design with glass to fill production areas with light.  These arrangements work to optically enlarge a small office. 

Long before COVID-19, Cubiture experts were masters at maximizing floor space utilization.  Our company founder, Jerry Mogyorody, is a highly respected expert in this discipline and was even prior to entering the office furniture industry.  Over time, his mentorship has empowered our space planners to develop office designs and solutions that turn even the smallest of corporate suites into efficiently organized, comfortable work environments.  Workstations are positioned according to workflow, and individual workstation design is based upon individual job responsibilities.  

With advanced ergonomic knowledge, we can build smaller, efficiently designed cubicles with interiors that feel larger than they are.  One way we create this effect is to use free standing cubicle partitions in our office layouts.  Because these partitions do not have to be attached to desk edges, they offer a greater range of configuration options.  Some rest on floor stabilizers that seamlessly blend with their environments.  Others telescope or fold out into highly attractive C-Shaped or L-Shaped arrangements that shield workers from airborne pathogens.      

DIY partitions also allow companies to flex their cubicles as more employees return to the office.  Portable dividers easily roll or slide across the floor when desks need to be moved.  If there is insufficient floor space to place employees six feet apart, Cubiture offers portable walls to help minimize close contact between seated employees and those who are moving around. 

Glass also plays a vital role in our office design ideas.  Glass generates an immediate improvement in workstation aesthetics.  It adds depth and dimension on the visual level, and it diffuses light throughout the office, contributing to the sense that a space is larger than it really is.  

We offer a wide variety of glass solutions for partitions and walls.  We also sell tempered glass cough shields are far more attractive than competing alternatives.  They rest safely upon desk surfaces without the need for mounting hardware. Some of our customers even say that the cough shields improve their interior design!

While no one was prepared for COVID-19 when it struck, Cubiture was better equipped than many to meet the challenge head-on because we have relentlessly trained our team to develop office design solutions focused first on human health and safety.  

Despite current uncertainties, businesses can confidently move forward with Cubiture as a partner.  Call us now to get started with a free office layout design drawing that represents the first step in a new path to success in 2021.  

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