Why Cubiture Office Sneeze Guards are the Best on the Market

Discount Commercial COVID-19 Sneeze Guards For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping
June 2, 2020

With America reopening, office sneeze guards are becoming standard in every work environment.  These protective screens, originally introduced to POS environments to protect retail staff from airborne droplets that can carry COVID-19, have made their way into the office world.

Discount Commercial COVID-19 Sneeze Guards For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping

There are many variations of the original POS model being adapted to fit various types of desks. Some of these models are adequate for the task, but many others fall short of offering full protection to office staff.  Some permanently mount to desks, leaving holes in the surface.  Others consist of only a single panel that offers protection only from the front of the desk. Still others are made from glass that can crack or break into large pieces with sharp edges.

When talk of the shutdown-ending began, Cubiture received an influx of phone calls from people who noticed some of these limitations in the office sneeze guards they found online.  They wanted to know if we had something better.  In response to this influx of calls, Cubiture took action and designed our own Clear Panel Containment System (CPCS) that offers several advantages over competing clear panel COVID guards.  This system is one of a kind, found only through Cubiture, and available nationwide.  It’s design was developed to address the specific concerns of office staff in the arenas of aesthetics, durability, safety, and portability.

Cubiture office sneeze guards contribute a superior aesthetic to workplaces.
The biggest issue with most office sneeze guards is the way they scar desk surfaces. Many require you to screw holes in the desk and attach the panel(s) to brackets.  This will ruin the value of a desk that you may plan to resell or offer for trade-in at a future date.  

The CPCS system by Cubiture preserves the value of your desk with a simple design that balances the entire assembly on the surface of your desk without the need for any mounts or special equipment.  The simplicity of the three-panel design, held together by a powerful industrial adhesive, allows staff to pick the unit up and move it when the desk needs to be cleaned, or when it is replaced by an equivalent model.  

Our office sneeze guard is designed with maximum safety in mind.
We protect office staff with a CPCS system made from ¼” thick tempered glass.  This high-quality surface offers full shielding from anyone standing in front of the desk or to either side of the desk.  As previously mentioned, the side panels are affixed to the front panel with a powerful industrial adhesive that will not allow them to be pulled apart.  The exceptional thickness of the glass protects it against impacts, making it very difficult to break in the event of an accidental impact.  In the unlikely event of deliberate vandalism, tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces with rounded edges that fall directly to the floor.  This is similar to safety glass designs used to make vehicle windows and windshields.  

Cubiture creates an optimal office environment on all levels.
We want our customers to return to work knowing that they are in the safest possible environment.  We also want them to look around their office and feel good about what they see.  Our Clear Panel Containment Systems have been custom manufactured to meet both sets of needs and are available now on a nationwide basis.  Call Jerry at Cubiture and get your desks, reception centers, and open concept environments have office sneeze guards delivered straight to your door with free shipping.  

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