How Ergonomic Furniture Improves COVID-19 Office Safety

January 18, 2021

Ergonomic office furniture has never been more important.

Employees who feel uncomfortable at work will inevitably leave their stations to move around the office.  Back pains and leg cramps will drive even the most dedicated worker to the break room.  Workers break their focus on tasks every time they stand up to stretch sore arms and legs.  Poor lighting conditions strain the eyes, leading people to constantly rub them to stave off the headaches that frequently result from eyestrain.  In so doing, employees who seek to alleviate one form of discomfort put themselves at risk of another.  Social distancing breaks down with too many people walking around the office.  Workers who are constantly rubbing their eyes run the risk of inadvertently infecting themselves with COVID.  Creating a comfortable workspace is the best way to prevent these practices and keep employees seated at a safe distance apart from one another.  

Desk height plays a major role in ergonomics.  

Standard desks are often too high for employees.   Workers must reach their arms upward in order to type.  Many overcompensate by raising their chairs and leaning over their desks.  Not only does this put strain on the back, it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome if the wrist is constantly bending to type.  

Ideally, the desk should be low enough that the keyboard is almost even with the individual’s lap.  This allows a man or woman to sit at a normal height that keeps the entire arm—including the wrist—perfectly straight.  It is also better for the entire body when the chair is set to a normal height that evenly distributes a person’s weight in the seat bucket, backrest, and arm supports.  

As more people became aware of these problems, manufacturers began to develop ergonomic office furniture systems that incorporated adjustable desks.  These desks allow a person to work from a standing position after sitting in a chair for a long period of time.  People who can stretch their legs without leaving their station can exercise their legs without breaking momentum.  

Lighting is a critical component in ergonomics.  

Light should diffuse evenly without glare onto desk surfaces and computer screens. Too little light causes a person to lean forward in order to be able to see.  Glare has a blinding effect, causing the individual to squint her or his eyes.  Over a long period of time, hunching forward can cause shoulder and back pain.  Squinting causes people to periodically rub their eyes—something all of us have been told to avoid for as long as the pandemic continues.  

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to overcome these issues.  Ergonomic office furniture cubicles typically feature some form of adjustable task lighting.  Additionally, many also feature panels built with translucent glass inserts that diffuse natural light and eliminate glare.  Inserts can also be made from an affordable glass substitute called polycarbonate that even small companies on a budget can readily obtain.

Seating is the key ergonomic element in any office furniture system.

An uncomfortable chair will drive anyone away from his or her station.  Poorly designed chairs fail to support the curvature of the lower back.  Many have armrests that cannot be adjusted, and many more have adjustable height controls that freeze up after only a few months of use.  Employees end up adapting their bodies to their chairs rather than adapting the chairs to fit their bodies.  After an hour or so of discomfort, they cannot focus on tasks and leave their stations just to get a sense of relief.  This is counterintuitive to COVID safety practices, and it limits productivity in a time when companies are struggling enough as it is.

How Cubiture can Help

Cubiture was building ergonomic office furniture systems long before the COVID crisis began.  We have always owned our own factory, so as soon as ergonomic desks, task lighting, and chairs began to emerge in the marketplace, we began building our own systems to upgrade the offices of existing customers who expressed a desire for greater comfort as a vital component to employee wellness.  

We quickly contacted manufacturers of sit-stand desks and negotiated the best wholesale pricing possible so we could pass on savings to our customers.  We also developed some basic adjustable desk designs of our own to incorporate into custom office cubicles we build in our own factory.  With a manufacturer supply chain of over 400 companies, we can also find any type of glass or glass substitute to install in cubicle partitions. Our customers enjoy working in well-lit environments that support a focused, upbeat attitude.  

Cubiture has the best prices on ergonomic office furniture chairs.  Many lines that we carry are less expensive than those sold by office supply retailers—and they carry 8-hour ratings rather than the standard 5-hour rating.  We have a multitude of colors and styles, so design options are virtually limitless. We also help customers choose materials that are easy to clean so they can routinely disinfect their workstations throughout the day.  

Call Cubiture now and talk to an office planner about affordable ergonomic office furniture build with safety and comfort foremost in mind.  Space planning is free with every quote, so why not get started today?

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