How Can Sliding Commercial Room Dividers Help Vehicle Service Centers?

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February 11, 2019


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While the size and nature of vehicle service centers vary widely, all feature a basic layout that can be enhanced and customized with commercial room dividers. Whether a service center specializes in engine maintenance, body repair, tires, or brakes, all centers are typically divided into two main sections. The front section is the customer service area where transactions and consultations occur. The rear area is the service garage where technicians perform various tasks related to maintenance and repair. Both sections can operate more efficiently when subdivided with commercial room dividers. Specialized areas offer technicians and customers a safer, hazard-free environment, and customized waiting, break, and retail areas give customers a much more personalized experience.

Perhaps the most important application for commercial room dividers is the separation of the garage from the retail area. Garages may look deceptively placid, but they contain many potential hazards that only a trained technician should be allowed to face. Even then, professionals have to constantly follow specific safety protocols when working around vehicles that are continuously moving in and out of the bay. Service centers that do not restrict access to these areas are creating a huge liability for themselves. It only takes a single unauthorized person to enter the bay and suffer an injury for the very existence of the business itself to become threatened. Creating a clear barrier between customer areas and service areas not only reduces the liability, but it also minimizes the risk of customers inadvertently wandering into a potentially unsafe zone.

In addition to creating barriers to avert potential injuries and liabilities, commercial room dividers can also be used to improve the customer experience. Customers like to feel accommodated when they bring their vehicles in for service. They need comfortable seating while they wait, accessibility to customer service personnel to answers their questions, and access to break areas and restrooms for those occasions when wait times are longer than usual. Rather than lining up chairs along the window and having customers wait in a large, open space, service centers can create a much more intimate and conscientious customer experience by breaking up the retail space into separate waiting, break, and counter service areas.

Cubiture supplies vehicle service centers with a variety of commercial room dividers can that can be used for all of these purposes. One of our more specialized products, our portable shield partition, can be used to close off any particularly dangerous areas in a garage. While designed specifically to protect students from school shootings, this particular partition model can also be used to increase safety in a garage. While severe accidents are rare in service centers, there are those frightening moments when jacks fail and an elevated vehicle slams to the floor, an air wrench malfunctions, or a tire over inflates and explodes. Regardless of whether these incidents are the result of human error or faulty equipment, containing the hazard within the immediate vicinity of the vehicle can make the difference between a bad accident and a tragic disaster.

Folding gates are another option for vehicle service centers. These commercial room dividers are portable and easy to install whenever service areas are being cleaned, maintenance is being done on equipment, or during those times when management needs to inspect the facility. Customer waiting, break, and retail merchandise areas can be created with polycarbonate room dividers that feature a nice industrial look and that have panels that rotate on a 360-degree axis for quick repositioning. These partitions are easy to wipe down and provide an acoustical barrier that insulates customers from the noise of the service area. Tackable partitions can be erected to display special offers on tires, fuel additives, motor oil, and other automotive accessories sold by the establishment.

Cubiture offers complimentary space planning that can assist in developing these specialized service and customer areas. Jerry Mogyorody, our CEO and founder, is a space planning expert with decades of experience in maximizing square footage utilization. Regardless of the size or nature of your operation, Jerry can help you get the most out of your garage and retail areas. Just call Cubiture now and ask for a free space plan drawing that will show how your facility can operate more safely, efficiently, and comfortably with commercial room dividers.

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