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March 31, 2018

Business coops have become a booming business in their own right.  Shared working space facilities provide emerging businesses and sole proprietors with a viable alternative to traditional–and traditionally expensive–office suites.  Coops allow for an open exchange of innovation and business development, often paving the way for strategic partnerships, venture capital investments, and lasting professional ties.  While many of these coops are currently using tables for collaborative working space, we anticipate a shift toward open office cubicles configured in clusters that encourage group work while still maintaining personal working space.  The picture above shows how such a setting can foster high productivity in a personal environment of focus without restricting the entrepreneur's access to other professionals.

Open office cubicles like these are remarkably affordable when you consider that they are basically laminate tables with half-screen partitions mounted to the back edge of the table.  These workstations are incredibly light, so a single individual can easily move the assembly.  This allows a small business with fewer than five employees to cluster their workstations together without affecting other professionals in the same room.  You will notice in the picture above that this one particular company has placed a small conference table next to their cubicle cluster.  This allows the owner to confer with each staff member individually in a collaborative–as opposed to an intimidating–manner.  Such a setup builds strong bonds between the core group of first hires, paving the way for a strong and determined corporate culture in the years to come.

Of course, open office cubicles can also be used in traditional offices as well.  Cubicle clusters like this can be used for research and development, engineering, and even advertising companies who segment projects into individual tasks that are completed by specific members of each team.  The semi-open concept ensures accountability without anyone feeling crowded or micromanaged.  Studies have confirmed that people do better when they have their own personal space, but keeping that space open to the rest of the group also helps position corporate identity above personal ego and builds a stronger bond between professionals whose success depends on one another.

Call Cubiture today and ask to speak with Jerry.  He can help you design open office cubicles for any type of business.  His expertise in space planning will also help you better utilize your existing square footage so you can manage future growth from a position of focused control.

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