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Readymade Office Cubicles For Sale
May 21, 2018
Ready Made Office Cubicle For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Means Lowest Guaranteed Prices

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While Cubiture specializes in discount custom cubicle manufacturing, we also have readymade office cubicles for sale to startup companies that just want the basics. The design pictured above is one of many template build-outs that have evolved over the years. This simple configuration is designed to maximize square footage utilization in a small office suite. Built to house two employees at once, it provides plenty of legroom and an abundance of work surface area. The U-shaped desks, supported by a central, single post, provide more than enough space for phones, computing devices, peripherals, and paperwork. The central glass mounted partitions provide separation without building a barrier between these two colleagues. The end of the shared desk space in the middle provides a small conference area where they can share strategies and collaborate on projects.

The desk itself is made from a single piece of particle board covered by a fine wood veneer. Cut to spec in our factory, it saves on material costs by eliminating the materials and labor associated with assembling multiple desk components. Not many furniture companies can offer this level of precision manufacturing and still save their customers money. Cubiture is a unique entity in this respect because we own our own factory and have all the tools necessary to create readymade office cubicles for sale that are based upon the needs of specific industries, job descriptions, and office interior designs. With hundreds of veneer, laminate, glass, and panel covering options, we can generate workstation designs that range from the very low-end of the budget spectrum to the ultra-sophisticated and high end.

This particular set of readymade office cubicles for sale features a transitional design theme that is partly traditional, partly contemporary. The constitution and coloring of the veneer desk speak of a solid, traditional aesthetic, while the abundance of glass inserts looks forward to more contemporary themes. The light browns and tans in the panel midsections generate an upbeat energy which is grounded by the gray partition bases and storage cabinets. Workstations like this are commonly used in manufacturing and shipping facilities where there is a great deal of teamwork involved in processing orders and expediting customer request.

If you are moving into a new office or simply remodeling an existing one, call Cubiture now to check on our stock of readymade office cubicles for sale. We have a small inventory of new systems built and ready to ship, and we have an abundance of used workstations that can be refurbished in a matter of hours and delivered at no additional charges directly to your doorstep.

ReadyMade Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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