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May 14, 2019


While we cater to both large and small entities, from commercial office to home study, there are a lot of savings you can look forward to when you purchase wholesale office furniture for your company. Whether it’s cubicles or other workstations, case goods or ergonomic eight-hour chairs, Cubiture can provide you with wholesale office furniture so that you can do more with for less.

The furniture you choose is a major factor in deciding the right ambiance for your work environment and therefore it should be tastefully selected. Traditional furniture can add a sense of sophistication and history to your company, and contemporary furniture can give the notion of innovation and dynamism, and there are a number of looks in between. In any case, it’s important to make a positive impression on clients and visitors. With any style, you can project an uncluttered appearance by maximizing consistency across furnishings. Therefore, buying bulk is the perfect decision, with our wholesale office furniture coming to you at a great reduction of cost.

Any number of companies are in need of large quantities of furniture at once, and for various reasons, making them perfect candidates for wholesale office furniture. A new branch of a corporation may have just opened up, with the new office space needing large amounts of furnishings. Perhaps a company is getting off the ground as a startup and looking to have a fully-furnished space as soon as possible.

A company may feel that their office is in need of a makeover, which can include the replacement of all workstations and other furniture. This could be for the purposes of rebranding or to align more closely with an established company vision. It could even be to increase employee health, morale, and productivity through more attractive, functional, and ergonomic workstations. In any case, we can conveniently bring wholesale office furniture to you as you make major changes that are necessary to the operation of your business.

Are you interested in original pieces of furniture that more closely align with the needs of your unique physical space and workflow? At Cubiture, we own our own factory in the northwest part of Houston for custom-building, as well as for refurbishment and repair. With this full-fledged fabrication facility, we can take any type of furniture conjured from your own imagination or simply brought to us in a photograph. You can buy factory direct at prices much lower than what you could expect from resellers or retailers.

We also have our own fleet of trucks where we can deliver your wholesale office furniture for free, anywhere in the lower 48 states. Along with this comes our free installation services, where we work closely with your business and your building manager to determine a time that’s convenient to move your new wholesale office furniture in with little disruption to your workflow and leaving your workspace as clean as it was when we arrived.

Many other entities tend to pad up their product sales with ridiculous markups and shipping costs. However, we know that carefully choosing the right furniture for your office—and in large purchases to boot—can be overwhelming, so we’re not here to make your experience any more of a hassle than it might already be. Whether it be churches, non-profit organizations, businesses, schools, or even city governments, Jerry has furnished entire floors of buildings and of course, shipping directly to the client and bringing down the cost of individual pieces of furniture by selling wholesale office furniture in bulk. Therefore, Cubiture provides the best wholesale office furniture that your money can buy.

As said before, a new company that’s looking to put its feet on the ground sometimes has to do so by hitting the ground running. It needs to provide all that it can in terms of not just staff and office supplies, but also sufficient workstations in order to operate smoothly in a competitive market. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of capital to invest in these crucial but normally costly items.

That’s why purchasing wholesale office furniture can be so important. When you place large, bulk orders with Cubiture, rather than one or two pieces here and there, you can take quite a chunk off of the price per furnishing. You’re getting your furniture directly from the factory, with price points that are in line with what a furniture store with a wholesaler’s license would pay.

In other words, you won’t be paying extra for markup on each individual cubicle or furniture item, and your wholesale office furniture is coming to you directly from the factory via shipping that’s free of charge. These potential savings are maximized when you consider specifically what’s needed for each employee to help support productive personal work habits with an overall company workflow. Can you now include LED lighting that will increase productivity? Can you funnel the saved money into those ergonomic chairs with extra features that once looked out of your price range? These and more are possibilities when you opt for savings via wholesale office furniture.

We have wholesale office furniture that comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles—everything you need to furnish the perfect workplace—including desks and tables, shelves and bookcases, and chairs of all types as well. Wood has a warm look, that is always comforting and gives a sense of dependability. Why not go for a look that combines traditional finishes with a more contemporary form and construction? You can enjoy an L-shaped desk with paneling of light wainscoting, as well as pedestals that have integrated cabinet and drawer storage with simple knob pulls. It’s important that the features of your wholesale office furniture support your daily tasks with ease and comfort.

One wing of your L-shaped desk can be you’re a cleared work surface across which you can also talk with visitors and use for managing paper documents, the other wing can support any digital work you do as well as a hutch for extra, overhead storage. Your hutch can combine several storage features such as open and closed shelving, plus smaller drawers for special items. Pair this workstation with an extra open shelving system, which you can dress up with drawer storage as well as LED lighting to display decorative objects rather than books and manuals. Ergonomic chairs with plenty of cushioning for back support and a high degree of adjustability can be paired well with more traditional wholesale office furniture.

When you work with Cubiture in purchasing wholesale office furniture, you don’t have to worry! We can help keep your costs as low as possible while also providing you with quality construction so that you can be proud to furnish your entire workspace with furniture in bulk. You can count on free shipping with every order that you place. Give us a call today!

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