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July 16, 2018
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Collaborative cubicles represent a blend of pure open concept office design and private workspace. Studies have indicated that a completely open concept office carries too many distractions that reduce worker productivity. In addition to noise levels, many workers feel anxious when they have no privacy. Cubiture resolves these issues by building workstations that give each employee an appropriate level of privacy within and larger group area where team building, sharing of ideas, and meetings can occur.

While the amount of individual privacy varies in each system we build, all collaborative cubicles share a common group purpose. These workstations are built with teams or entire departments in mind. Filing and storage systems, for example, are often commonly shared by workers so that every individual has access to materials, supplies, and hardcopy data produced by the entire team. Each collaborative workstation also has at least one common meeting area so that employees can confer regularly on different projects.

Collaborative cubicles can be built in a variety of configurations so that organizations can make the most of their existing square footage. The system shown above was built in front of a large window so that employees could work in a highly illuminated space filled with natural light. Both workers share a common filing system and also have individual filing and storage systems in their own respective spaces. In some setups like this, we place a small, round conference table within the structure to use as a team meeting area.

Companies experience periods of rapid growth, can ask Cubiture to build modular collaborative cubicles that can be expanded with the team. With modular desks and desk mounted panels, we can easily add entire sections to existing workstation systems. Filing and storage cabinets like the ones shown above can be added between individual seats, creating greater privacy for individual workers and making the most of the existing floor space inside the physical boundaries of the structure.

Cubiture owns its own factory and fleet of trucks, so all collaborative cubicle systems are sold direct to customers without the need for a retail re-seller. This allows us to use better components in the construction of custom workstations and still pass on significant savings to organizations on tight budgets. We also handle office moves and offer either hourly rates or a flat, bundled rate for office relocation anywhere in the Continental United States. Call for a free space plan today.

Custom Designed Collaborative Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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